Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Lifes love...

There are certainly many people that we can appreciate, admire, love, and share joy with.

There are a few that we can even really Love, to be with for a very long time. If you have someone like that - a life partner= you are a good creator.

Sometimes we just have to look in their eyes, to feel their hearts, sometime we have to touch them.

Any way that works - some have to hear them, to know they are wonderful and ingrained in their hearts.

Valentines day is different from other days.
forget the commercial stuff.
make some thing special for you the one or ones you love...

even a handmade cookie, or a little note.
or some flowers, or picture
maybe a book...
or well hey you are a creative person.
go create...
be on time

or create time...
these flowering trees I see jumping out of their buds are doing just that. They love life.

keep your face to the sunshine and you won't see the shadows.

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