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Aquarians live in their own time and place...

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moonlady.. Amy is the Moon lady...

As a Aquarian my self with mercury and Sun in the sign and only Pluto in Leo - like the rest of my generation:
I disagree with this next author's analysis of Aquarians

Leo Full Moon Reflections:

Make Your Own Kind of Music <http://www.mooncirc>

by April Elliott Kent

Those of us with untapped Aquarius energy wander through life

feeling as though we missed school on the very important day when

social networking skills were taught. Humans are social animals,

and it's threatening to be unable to find a place in one's pack.

We're hard-wired to crave the very Aquarian experience of

belonging. But if fitting in means surrendering the ideas, gifts,

and self-expression that are uniquely ours, our Leo selves insist

that it's too dear a price to pay....

read the full article <http://mooncircles. com>

Joining is not the arena of Aquarius, nor is fitting in, or giving up ones ideals./nor even 'paying the price' Aquarians just do their own thing. Look at Lincoln - if he cared about fitting in - he would just have quit early on with so many failures -but being an Aquarian he just kept marching to his own vision- HIS not any others...
From personal experience I can attest that I will do none of these - that is why I blog
not to fit in
but to flap my gums, share view
but not to gain acceptance nor to belong.

A medicine man in a tribe doesn't 'belong' he lives on the outskirts of the tribe.
observing - like Moses. and when the time is right will show up, like a Tibetan sooth Sayer.
There jobs are to tell it like it is - to 'fit in'
she has it backwards in my opion
I Leo as the one that will have to fit in- like the USA currant President,
He will retain leadership, admit mistakes, be some what more transparent, because Leo's like to be the center of Attention.
They have to keep the eyes on them, and to a degree they have to fit in.
I do not see Leo making its own music - Leo lives to perform in front of a audience.
Aquarius lives to make music - but cares less whether anyone listens or not.

this is my view.

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