Monday, February 23, 2009

Dispellers of Darkness

In the ancient texts of India,
the description of this time period,
says, the teachers will come out of the caves,
the forests, the wilds, and into the cities
to help guide those who are ready
to do some work on their own.

Some come as God's to be worshiped, by many;
some demand respect and all your life's savings;
some come to be 'right' and have many agree with them;
Some come as strict teachers, some as palmists, astrologers, ministers, musicians,
even some as politicians;
some hide themselves as ordinary people, some as street folks, some as restaurant owners, some as lawyers ~ you really can find them in every walk of life.
Some come as yogis, or Pilates, or belly dancers.
Some only show up when they are needed - maybe these are angels.
some are hidden, some are obvious, some are ostentatious, some quiet.
One thing is clear when a student is ready the teacher will be there....
this is the Universal law.

some come as friends - just to be there & show the way; some come a cripples to teach compassion; slumdog millionaire, I feel is such a vehicle. I am glad it won such good recognition.

Will everyone recognize it? Sometimes, even the authors do not.

Sometimes a teacher is so well hidden even the person does not know they are teaching. these folks are just being themselves. 'Second Hand Lions' is like this type.

May your inner vision glow brighter.
Your inner knowing is your gift, unwrap it, bathe in it.
This is the way of all of the 'gurus' or dispellers of darkness.

Bringing more light.

or A Shanti combined "A" in Spanish for towards 'Shanti" in Sanskrit means Peace

looking for a few happy, pleasant teachers ?

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