Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 6 -10 Chinese New Year...

Party time...
Well a good day to go visiting... Friends, relatives, they may be at Church or in a Temple..
go find them, chat, catch up, have some fun with them.
This is what New Years is all about isn't it?
Celebrate in ways that all of limits.

Sixth - Tenth Day

Jan 31st - Feb 5th

Visit all your friends and relatives.

This is also a good time to visit your church or temple.

May be your temple is a forest, or an ocean.
Maybe your friends are the trees or the dolphins...
visit them all..
for more inspiration

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 5 Chinese New Year....

Welcoming the Wealth...
this is definitely one for the World at this time
and especially the USA...
The advise to stay at home would have been good and not gotten into those nasty 'derivatives'
~ What ever they are... to complicated to understand - that way 'they' could feather their pockets and steal from everyone elses...

To see more about the trash

Fifth Day

Jan 30th

Called Po Woo, this day stay at home, so you can welcome the God of Wealth. Visit no one and let no one visit you; this will protect you from bad luck. This is also the day you may throw away your trash out the back door.

Mercury is stopping again, and will turn on the 1rst & 2nd. So I would advise any of us who are considering investing in anything at this time 'to stay at home' and keep your money with you.
review your options again over the coming 2 weeks ~ I think you will have a better view.

Visit no one to me means to 'listen to your own counsel' your own inner thoughts, dreams, insights from meditation. Your own higher self won't lie or mislead you, but your friends and advisers may not have the clarity that you do or your best interest in mind. So keep to yourself today.

I feel that 'staying at home' means to just do your work - speak when you have to do it - and keep quiet inside yourself today. Keep with your own thoughts = don't listen to others.
Take a news fast too - look at the weather - ok , you need to do that... leave the rest of it for another day... News is opinionated sensationalism edited for someone else's benefit ~ so are the adds on TV & radio -

So today keep to an information fast
Keep to your own consel - don't share today, your thoughts with anyone...
Be at peace...
need some peace?

this article mayl help: Peter's 7 Vows and it is safe for you to read today....
Happy Day
Welcome Wealth...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 4 Chinese Year...

Celebrate the In-laws - did you do something for them yesterday?
to day is your second chance...
maybe paint the trim on the house for them - or shovel snow...
I am sure you can find something
- or just set up a small shrine for them
in your living room, or in your heart.

In the traditions of Bhakti yoga - doing worship of your chosen deity- by offering flowers, food, drink, dress, jewels, whatever your heat desires to offer is very powerful and it focuses the mind.

Doing this mentally as you advance is even more powerful, as it takes better focus.

I saw that Colin was meditating on his dog two days ago. These are powerful focus practices and honoring them in this way is wonderful - have the family join in - for the tangible alter. By 'alter' I mean a place to put honored pictures, decorations and more for any not present you wish to honor, and remember.

Maybe your way of showing respect to the in-law parents is to complete a task: furthering your education, donating in their name to certain organization.  There are many creative ways...

Cheers to you.
Celebrate in your special way...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 3 New Year Chinese Celebration...

This day and tomorrow take time to give some attention to your parents - in -law

Third & Fourth Day
January 28 & 29

These two days are reserved for son-in-laws to pay respects to their parents-in-law.

Maybe cook for them;
Take them some flowers;
call them on the phone;
buy them a movie;
go shopping for them;

what will you do to celebrate today?
grab the article

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year - 15 days -day 2

Pat your dog,
feed your dog,
play with your dog, throw a ball, stick,
give 'em a comfortable bed...

Second Day
January 27
This is the day to pray to your ancestors, as well as the gods.
It is also the birthday for all dogs, so be very nice to them and
feed them well.

see all the days...
Have some great fun..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year - 15 days

to Celebrate in Many ways... how will you do it?
Today is the New Moon that signals the start of the New Year, 2009 the Year of the OX in Chinese astrology.

Lets explore this together - I will learn more researching it and writing it for you.
So, we can both learn.
There are 15 days and each one has a special focus to celebrate.

Gung Hay Fat Choy
or Happy New Year !!
Year of the Ox, January 26th, 2009

The Lunar New Year dates from 2600 BC when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February.
2009 is Lunar Year 4706-4707

The is the first day; today's special focus is Vegetarian:
This is the day of "Welcoming the Gods of Heaven and Earth".
Abstain from eating meat on this day for it will ensure a long and happy life.

Today offer your food in a meaningful way to the God of your choice and / or mother nature...
to see all of the days together see this wonderful article on Feng shui .

Happy New Year...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This time of year?
well it seems that our origins are in Turkey...
the bible tells it, and now our language is traced there...
and a little bitty piece of .... well you'll see.

it is really amazing to me that folks can trace back all these little forensic details to make enlightening discoveries that when the come to light - just resonate.

See what you think...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jupiter is the planet that magnifies, expands, bringer of more, Santa Clause, hope. Jupiter is in Aquarius this first year of USA Obama. Obama seems to have Aquarius rising at his time of birth.

So what???

Well, a great article on this by Julie is here It will give you an in depth look into this. Julie also has an interview on Colin's Radio show with Merrily Hosting.

This year then should be the continuance of why the USA elected Obama in the first place. That is to change from the established rule of the rich man's wishes to the desires of the Masses ( Aquarius). To poor out more wealth, power, control ( his emails will be shown to the public) to let all see what is going on. Will there be hidden things - sure there will - we can't let national security be compromised - however - but like a fish bowel - though we all can see the fish - we can't touch them.

Presidential Transparency doesn't mean vulnerability. Even the Pope could be seen standing in his limo - but he was fully bullet proof in his 'glass' cadge.

Fairness for all with out distinction of class is the Aquarian view - so the American people have simply wanted this enmass and seem to have gotten it with this new President.

Washington, was the first Aquarian President, then Lincoln, and Roosevelt. Washington Birthday was not the 20 th ( now Pieces) in the calendar in use at the time- when we transferred to our new calendar we keep the old day of birth.

Powerful presidents for powerful times of change. This is such a time, with the collapse of the Banking system around the world by greedy bankers passing out billions in bonuses while the American people have to pay for it, in the national debt. - This is not Aquarius and will come out even more.

Jupiter expends so it will expand the reporting of the corruption against the masses as well - Banks are profit making entities, they are not non profits set up to benefit their investors - quite the opposite in fact. So now - I hope you will begin to see that - you - need to take notice of the junk and you - personally have to take responsibility for your things.

If the government is going to more responsible that means that you will have to be more responsible to make it run. If the power is handed back to the people - the people have to take it and make it work themselves.

Self reliance is an Aquarian trait too.
Opposites attract - Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius - Leo is a natural ruler, it likes to be in the spot light - Obama is a Leo and has an Aquarian outlook as his rising sign is Aquarius -- well
this could be great

Are we actually in for the rescue of the Titanic? Remember that hype and BS built the great ship- too many corners were cut- advertising was Titanic but the ship wasn't - The USA has become the Titanic -built by rhetoric and personal pocket lining. it is sinking now along with the most to the rest of the World built on the 'rich is for me' attitude - 'you are my slave'...
now with Aquarius the masses want the 'do this for us' attitude. If it really shifts to 'lets do this together' that Obama seems to working towards...

We will let the Titanic sink, it greedy die in their own shame, and we all will build a new ship ...

Big ideas - for new world for all - Jupiter (big) in a Aquarius (masses)...

the only problem here is the little faction groups have to give up being factions and wanting it their way- or be willing to let McDonalds handle that aspect.

'Unity in diversity' the motto of Swami Shivananda, and the Santa Fe Women’s Club , must become the gathering flag of the day...willingly


Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's Astro charts for Inauguration...

I was reading a nice inciteful article on the 2 Inauguration charts of the US President Obama, over at the Holistic Radio Show articles page... They do have some interesting interviews and articles.

Any way I didn't know much about the mundane astrology - or horary astrology that Julie - the author- uses to read the astrology charts.

Many folks see this new President as an indication of a total rebirth of America - I do hope so.
I feel to that the lobby, money making decisions of the US congress have been for personal benefit.
Decisions of mortgages, financial, FDA and health, you name it -- I would like to see more decisions based on benefiting the citizens of the USA and then the world. Like aides and cancer cures have been around for many years - but not available nor publicized in the USA. I find their commercials on charging rent for diseases such diabetes - disgusting, when ads telling of the dietary solutions could be aired.

Capitalism is great thing - but greed is not. I feel the Gov has to live up to the Fiduciary responsibility - if you don't know what that is - just back to sleep; but many have woken up this time to elect Obama - I hope you will take the time to find out what working on behalf of another means.

We have been spoiled by letting the world think that they didn't know this World Bank colapse was comming. Well this guy did. He gives some good advise on how to float and not sink over the next few years.

Have a great day - the New moon eclipse in on its way - Monday...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

While standing in the corner...

In watching one my Perry Mason vintage favorites from the 50's; I learn quickly that human nature is the same over time.

the best of the New Age is simple do what worked in the past.

History is prologue.

A simple test was made several years back by sending a survey to many world leading folks from many walks of life.
This survey asked what qualities would one look for in another for a friend, employee, life and business partner.

Take a guess _
Which one came out on top?

OK, Honesty did.

But what is honesty?

Look it up the dictionary... worth your time to do so...but will you?

then add this to the definition.

the ability to duplicate exactly
(What is seen, heard, read etc)

Would you keep a copy machine around that won't make an
exact copy or altered the text?

Think about this.

Cheery day..

The first beam in higher awareness, is honesty especially with one's self.
It takes guts, presence - being here now to see what you are actually doing.
What game are you playing? Is it really how can I help this person?
Or does it look like that on the outside and really is the game of how can I get this persons money?
time? Sex? Appreciation? Love? Attention?

Like I said it takes radical self honesty...
Self introspection.

Reflect on this for a few days...

hear more on

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Philospher Kings...

Plato described them, Hindus lived under them ~ way back when...
We dream of them...
but absolute power corrupts absolutely ~ so the saying goes...

A leader who has the heart of the nation as his, the voice of then nation as his voice;
now we hope the USA - will attain its greatness as we appear to have

a new Philosopher leader under Obama...

May it be so, may all people of the world who work for light
follow if his example stays on target...

Joy to the world ~ will come from our individual actions
& collectively light our inner lamps.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birhtday Martin...

I think I would like to call him Martin - though this may offend some ~ none intended...
I like to think of him as a friend - just as I do with Christ.

I don't like the 'LORD thy GOD' stuff - you may - but not me...
I don't like the idea of a Feudal Jesus or God for that matter. You know one calling the shots of my life - like the ones that Caused William Wallace to revolt. I don't like putting people on a pedestal "10 feet tall and farting lightning bolts out (his) ass..."

I prefer the frame of 'Friend' a caring one who suggests things to me - the path - solutions - make comments not decrees for me to follow ~or not ~ as I believe this is my choice...
to be or not to be...
I believe the verses which claim dominion over the earth and created in his likeness - meaning the power of self awareness and decision making- as a steward, or Trustee-

I have the power of choice not to follow blindly - not to take and give orders, not to judge and be judged, but to understand, to know the 'why' of things; to make mistakes and there by discover the truth - that for me one way is better than another - based on the results of my choices.
Sometimes I even listen to my friends, but we can discuss what worked and what didn't. We can play with the solution together.

Are my choices in harmony with all of me - of who I am ? If my thought, word, and deed are all inline... then yes I believe so.

But who cares? me? sometimes...
but yes there is one who cares always - and that is my friends.
My friends always have my best interest (& not theirs) in mind and heart.

So Happy Birthday Martin

I know you did and do, still ....

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Many saw Colin's 10 meditations on celstial mandalas (Hubble telescope pics) for chisritmas

so I thought you may enjoy this little video of the beauty of our heavens. I am sure they are from the Hubble telescope as well. If you want to view Colin's 1o meditations go to Tiger Swami and look in the December archives they wonderful ways - I found to increase my own awareness of the stars and what the mean to me - beyond my interest in Astrology.

Consciousness I do believe is the foundation for my life on earth, though not necessarily everyone's.
I think many like to be unconscious with drugs or booze or games.

Me, not so...

smile a little.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Yoga of Action

Karma Yoga is a misunderstood situation.
Many think it is slavery - by having to act as a debt determined by your past bad actions.
well sort of. Karma is a term that means 'action'

What you do is Karma. All action have 2 parts the action done and the action that reacts.
Most of us will do what is automatically programmed into us by own past actions.

In other words if you practice 'ballet' for 10 years you may not want to venture into new paths.
or if you are a Trombone player - and like it... you many never pick up the piano...

For one thing it takes more effort to learn and new instrument. So most just stay with one.
the same with our habits.
It takes much more energy to locate an unwanted habit or just one you want to change.
then punish yourself lightly when you do it.
then reward yourself when you do the correct action etc.

Just like training a dog ~ everyone knows it can be done, books are available, videos and personal trainers too...
But how many people want to take the time to train the dog....
they prefer to just live with the dogs bad behavior; and their own.

If you believe in reincarnation - then your habits you develop over and over again -
just keep persisting. If you were a snake you may keep trying to attack and bite people :-)
Most of do this ~ just so we can keep being 'right' (bad joke)

anyway, karma yoga is the science of changing all of this.
It is inaction in action ~ more zen stuff right?
sort of...

In other words if you are business owner and you are immersed the day to little stuff of the daily activities you lose oversight. You lose site of big picture. "When you're up to your as... in alligators it hard to remember you came to drain the swamp" - old Cajun say'in.

Paramahamsa Yogananda changed his Karma as predicted by a Vedic Astrologer - that he would have 4 wives and ... well he dicided not for him and changed it, he was a celbate Monk.

Karma yoga mean you develop the ability to stay unattached and focused on the broad or small or middle but it all by keeping you inside - in inaction or nonaction - you watch yourself act. Like drinking water, you just do it.
But from this vantage point you can monitor all of the actions to see if the outcomes are the ones you want.

You are truly here now.. Present. ( a lot more than just showing up - most bodies do this for work -but 'they' still; home sleeping)

Listen in on my friends radio show for more goodies

Friday, January 16, 2009

Be like water...

Events are liquid...
life flows... do you?

You can set your course, keep your eve on the target,
adjust your course as needed...

but keep your eyes focused far ahead and your peripheral view open
you may then see the dolphins swimming with you...

The sport of the Mongolians shooting arrows from fast riding horses requires many talents.
One is seeing the target in the midst of chaos in battle - but the best -i would guess, can see the chaos and like Luke Skywalker - shut off their targeting computers and know when to shoot and where... while dodging incoming weapons fire...

Know your Target, KIV and trust the force as apply daily action towards that target...
flow like water... a fist into water harms nothing
the water keeps on it path unaffected...

some have been to the other side of life ~
When the come back - know their is life and support and not fearful death
they become more as water, quietly flowing around obsticals as they flow on to where they are going.

Cheery Day...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eat not what others like...

Eat what you know is good for your body...

How can I tell? Listen...

well this is getting easier...
Stand with feet together,arms down
or holding a test object latter - ie jar of nut butter...

with out anything to test first:
say Tell me how you want to say 'yes'
then say 'no'

you may get many responses
I get lean forward for 'yes'
lean backward for 'no'
then lean to the left side front for '????' i really don't know as yet what this one means...

then grab your jar of nut butter or....
hold up against your solar plexus or so...
and ask is this good for me?
shall I eat this now?

and so on...
check out the other 19 ways to stay healthy

Enjoy the quinoa

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angel help?

You can ask for their help anytime...
some actually can talk to them, and convey messages to you.
some just get the information they need by listening after they ask.
some see them
some hear them
some feel them
some do none of these
some do all of these...

This gentleman actually acts as an intermediate to communicate with them
if you need help...

Did you see that moon halo in Dallas on the Sat full moon ?
check out Tiger Swami for good picture of what it looked like...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well how did it go?...

Is this the same 'ol Monday morning?
anything change? Probably not...
everyone is getting ready to loose weight - even Oprah..
will they make it? We will see by mid February as Mercury
gets back to yesterdays point. Probably not..
they will change their minds...

Will the President keep his same plan?

Probably not... I'm sure he'll learn a few things that will necessitate modification.

but I would like to see T Boone Pickens Plan get going for all my US friends sake.

  • well ~ keep your target in view.

  • create a good plan to get there.

  • Modify the plan as you go along to get there better.

this book can help

your inner creativity is powerful if you will unleash it...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mercury Retrograde -- 21 Strategies for Success

"To everything there is a season..." A Holistic Lesson:

Mercury goes retrograde --backward as perceived from earth-- 3 times in 2009. Mars does this every 2 years - We get Mars going at the end of December,2009. Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks; then take a couple more weeks to retrace it steps back to the point in the heavens where he got lazy, stopped, turned and walked backward. When back to his turning point, everyone will be ready to go ahead again...

Big deal right?  Well maybe for you yes, maybe not...
Depends on what you are capable of noticing:
'It is the quality of your distinctions that make the quality of your life...' paraphrasing Tony Robbins.

The more we are capable of perceiving, the richer our lives become.
How about refined taste in wines? I don't drink more than a sip, but I  can smell. Some do really taste very nice to me (in a sip)- but most stink - some are like nectar...well there is no accounting for taste right?

This reminds of a cartoon where a few ducks walking along a sidewalk  hear one who is looking up at a large 'V'  of ducks in flight, remark: " I wonder how they thought of that?"

Well you may perceive these 7 items about mercury retrograde:
  1. things seem delayed...(flights, mail, document handling, internet, computers)
  2. details are missed...(It is right there in the large print ! well... I didn't read it - I assumed... I didn't have time)
  3. meanings are easier to be misconstrued...(You said I looked, I said fat chance...)
  4. connections missed :  call people more times to get to them, reach them, meet with them, reschedule meetings...
  5. folks will change their minds... Agree to something on Mercury retrograde and after it goes direct the parties will change some details or more...
  6. folks naturally clean up their pig messes...(at work the boss sent down a memo to clean up after ourselfs)
  7. folks reorganize - great time for closets, filing systems, web sites, great time to re-plan  and re-think your strategies, methods and techniques.
Extra Focus is required during this time. 7 ways to Focus:
  • Keep your outcome in view. -- Stay on Target.
  • Be vigilant as when you are veering off course.
  • Make your course corrections.
  • Be more tolerant of others.
  • Gently help them to come back to focus.
  • Make room for changing of schedules ( keep your racket, clubs, or mit in your trunk-- or at least a good book)
  • Plan for changed minds -- if signing a contract build in a contingency plan, make double sure all parties read it several times with focus and their attorneys.  Delay the signing or have a 30, 60, 90 day cancellation period, trial period etc. etc. etc. put into the contract. 
7 ways you can succeed over mercury retrograde and have a better time during the ride through through this period if you:
  • have a map showing the road ahead;  (forewarned is forearmed)
  • plan for contingencies
  • employ more patience
  • adapt
  • adjust
  • accommodate
  • bear insult and injuries -(another name for misunderstandings)
I  just laugh, as I hear all the exasperated comments from my friends during these retracing cycles. For me, this is the 88th time of consciously observing the effects of Mercury retrograde.
Smile :-)
Enjoy ....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon in Cancer the crab...

140 year old lobster was set free from a NY restaurant this week
he weighed in at over 20 #s.  He was taken to a Main coastal site where lobstering is forbidden.

I guess this full moon in Cancer the crab - Inspired the crustacean lovers to have mercy on the old guy and let him live out his days naturally.
great publicity stunt too - free publicity !

Not bad for a full moon...

See, many folks are worried about the economic world wide collapse and coming earth quakes and ( Cal got a 4.5 in the Bay last week) the long predicted epidemics like flue or something in the water... predicted by Joni
in her '2009 Predictions' I loved them - did you get to hear them?

Great time to check it all out...

Enjoy the Full watery moon...

Our feet are in Capricorn with the Sun - Cancer also rules what's burried in the ground like oil, natural gas, Colin put up the video on the radio show -
of T Boone Pickens play - very interesting 3 or 4 minutes.

You know ideas are great and mnay have them but Boone has the plan - I like it... let me know what you think...
Both these folks have the honesty thing down. and both teach others by example to do the same...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Moon ~Mercury...

Timing is the domain of the moon in Astrology...
When it is in a cardinal (initiating sign) like Cancer (today - Sunday)
Time moves faster, events happen quicker
slower in a fixed sign like Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
slowest in Mutable sign like we are in this morning - Gemini

When the Moon Is coupled with Mercury going retrograde on Sunday...
The speed has the breaks on too...

so the engine makes a lot of noise... but not much forward progress...
so I see this weekend is great to clean up after the holidays, organize a bit,
have fun with some friends, maybe even take a short trip...

sorry for Obama taking office on retrograde Mercury - I guess when gets in he'll need to make a lot of adjustments from what ever he will say he will do on inauguration day.

i.e. if he isn't briefed on the alien population at area 51 until after he is sworn in
You can bet he'll come up with some modifications to his plan by the end of February..
--- :-)  this is a funny -- what ever secrets the Pres has to bet briefed on I am sure they won't come until
after he is sworn in...

modifications to plans make are commonsense,

for your plans
make your plans
stay adaptable and adjust your plans
keep the TARGET and stay on new info comes up..


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Tide Turns....

Holding pattern near the end of a turn
the instance when forward motion seems to stop...

Mercury is slowing -it seems so from our view point on the 3rd planet.
Our blue ball turning so well,
but Mercury the bringer or carrier of communications is slowing
and will stop on Sunday the 11
then make a turn
for 3 weeks
better not to do make a contract now...
or read it 10 times
have 3 different lawyers check it out.
because it is easy to make a mistake
to not understand each other easily...
during this time. And
someone will change their mind about something....

It is a great time to clean out, reorganize, to stream line
like clean out your closets,
reorganize them.
clean up your files
or redo them...

Good time to go on a trip as you will return.

sometime you may have delays in all kinds of communications.

Full moon is coming to on the 10th
so energies may get a little more hot this week as folks try to get things
done faster but it will take longer, so tempers may heat up..

If we expect a few delays maybe we can just take a good book with us...
and catch up on some great ideas...

Hugs & Happy days.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Rivers lead to the ocean...

Your Path is between you and God, or your version of this.
Honor your Path.
Keep your path pure
don't mix drinks or cures or Paths.

if you jump from one steam to the next your path to ocean will take life times or 100's

When you are ready to move on -do move on...
but do the best where you are now...
If at work, do the best you can do...
not what little you can like many co-workers do.

If you practice yoga, do that, not that and this and this and this...
If you are a real estate developer do that until mastery then ad another pursuit or move on...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Behold the Power of Creation..

Everything you see here is made from Ice in
Harbin China Ice Sculptures and neon lights

Do you want to build your castle of Sand or Ice?
or in Harbin or Dubai?

As you build your long range target make it a big one; as the time you spend on it will the same as a small one...

will you light your Christmas tree? or the whole nation? I lit my tree this year... T. Boone Pickens has assemble near two million of us to light the nation with wind power, telling Obama this He is now telling America he will create jobs for the masses out of work...

We will depend much less on foreign oil, we will
create millions of jobs, make lotsa money,
have clean electricity for generations to come..

Build your Castle where neither wind, nor rain, nor flood, nor time can destroy it...
Seek yea first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you..
Famous words...

Behold the power of creation.

with the Power of creation
what will you create?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Value of Time....

Time can work for you or against you...

Do the things that depress you, pull you down, toxify your body - satisfy only your tong...
goof off play video games, read novels etc... & the reaper cometh... sickle and all...

Do the things that you love, like strive to be better, play a musical instrument, eat life giving great tasting foods, help a few others, share your smile, get ahead by helping others get ahead first...

and when you leave your body the great white light beings will be there to escort you...Movies?

so Happy New Year !

12 - Months of Happiness
52 - Weeks of Success
365 - Days of Fun
8760 - Hours of Good Health
52600 - Minutes of Peace & Joy
3153600 - Honesty - self honesty gives all of the above...

How will spend or invest your time - the 'Now' daily...

Put your key words that have meaning for you
in the above list; print it; frame it;
put in on your dash board...

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some day never comes...

Play today !
some day never comes

I'll  tell her I love her tomorrow....
tomorrow never comes..

There is only today....
plant today,
the when it begins again (tomorrow)
then when it comes again
comes again...observe - patiently

If you have your plan down, and you on it, doing your daily tasks to get to your target...
done for today

then  Play !

just not in your flower bed you just planted...

Smile a little & pass it around...

Friday, January 2, 2009


the universe knows that you mean what you say...

you will have lots of stuff thrown in your way to test your resolve...

(this actually comes from with in your own software - your own bad habits)
Why do we have to prove it?
simple really

all your life you have said 'I will do this, or that' and you haven't- you simply forgot or, or, or...

well you get the idea.
so if you want thing,
keep it in view = KIV
and keep it at it daily
'UNTIL' you get it ...

then the next time it will be easier...

I have always read that the first million or billion was the most difficult...
yes it is simply because even you don't believe you can do it...
'UNTIL' you prove to yourself and the universe that you can...

then keep your word
set it
keep it.
like a compass...

Lash yourself to the mast in a storm if you have to,
to keep on course...

You can do this....
if you will keep your word.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

When all around you are loosing theirs....

keep your head about you... and you will be a man my son...

Rember that one? Really wonderful, powerful...

Love Movies - I do...

They can really get a message across..

Slumdog millionare....

is a rare film.

It comebines justice, action, intrigue...

but it is really about just being straight...

honest not trying to escape..

the power of KIV = keep in view your target is the main theme of the movie

as well as compassion, love.

I have been in Bombay in these slums, they are everything that is shown there.

But I as a westerner cannot stomach going there, visiting or even thinking about them,

as they are too big a problem.

This movie deals with life as it is, not as one would wish it to be.

and through it all,

is the beauty of inner strength...

the power of honesty.

do your bullets have power? or are they pellets?

Strenth comes from words backed by the action of conviction...

ie Gandhi was asked by a single mother to tell her son not to eat sugar any more...

he asked her to bring back her son in 3 days.

Then the Great One told her son to not eat sugar any more....

The mother asked why the dealy in telling him?

Gandhi just replyed:

I myself had not stopped eating sugar...

so after last night... I must waite 3 days to tell anyone who may inquire the same...

I recommend the movie:

1- it is a triumph of what is right over what is not - simple truths we all know...

2-It has a wonderful engaging plot and story line

3- It will hold your attention

4- It will move you

You will not know the outcome from me...

Happy New Year...

Target, plan, KIV

Hugs to you...