Sunday, November 30, 2008

Common Sense...

Everyone thinks they have it..

(if so why would a mother, eat a hamburger, smoke cigarette, and drive a stick shift from a red light all at the same time ~ with her baby in the car? ? ? Really ? yea no joke...

Dirty Harry (Clint E) said it best: " A man's got to know his limitations"
He finds this out in these movies from constant and never ending improvement - 'CANI'
by daily practice.

All of these basis of yoga or life are just the basics and common sense is one of them...
Think you can fly off of building? try it, but not while you are on LSD. it kills common sense.

Cannabis kills common sense, people who plan while smoking the stuff think they have the next Google all set up. Then a few days later they can see (if they come down and clean it out of their systems) they see it as "What was I thinking?"

I think a lot of the so called modern art is made this way.

Develop common sense by lots of practice and drills, read "Rainbow 6" this what they do all the time is drill.
Fireman have their drills in specially built buildings to put on fire and practice fighting the out...
this stuff is dangerous, fire is really dangerous see 'Back Draft' and others.

Is driving any less dangerous? Why try it high?
why go though life stoned?

Common sense... can be modeled an learned if you figure out that you don't have it...
go study under a master like Zorro learn when and how to act to accomplish your target goals.

Thank God !...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deep Wells = freshest waters

Taking the time needed to dig a deep well
is worth the effort for years to come.

Ground water is more polluted today and the water table is dropping.
It takes more effort to go back in and re-dig a well...
Much better to dig it very deep from the start..

Persistency & Consistency are needed.

One has to dig long enough and in the correct manner to find sweet water.
If one digs a little here, then a little there, and a little more over there...
you will guarantee nada = no drinkable water.

So, when you study something like in High School or College - you are only digging a little here and a little there. This only familiarity not mastery and = no sweet water. You would need grad school to really get into a subject. It takes many years of specialty schooling to be a doctor or a lawyer. Then you will have to also do an internship for a couple of years more.

Business is like this too: People flock to McDonald's because they offer the exact same sandwich or burger at every location and at the same time of day= Consistency, and same time and place.
If you went to a restaurant and it was delicious one day and horrible with too much salt the next, then over cooked the next day and so on - how many time would you go back?

If you went to the store and they keep moving the aisles around so the milk was on the left side of the store one day then in back the next, the right side the next - how many times would go there?

If you are a cook at home and have 4 kids, and every day another one rearranges the kitchen in different way - pots here one day, cereal here next - how long would you put up with this?

Every where Consistency makes our lives easier and simpler, and more desirable.
It takes persistency to create anything of value.

Yes it can be done faster in many ways with different technologies or newer ones:
A computer can have a million spread sheet entries or more for accounting now, a human cannot do this. Japanese revolutionized ship building putting millions out of work in English ship yards by introducing robots to do repetitive welds, and standardised sections of steal. These robots created more consistent results than the humans could.
The result? Better built ships in less time and at lower cost.

Which ones would you buy?

It takes Persistence to master anything.
And then Consistency to make it lasting.

then steps are
1-hear about a subject = football...
2-Read about it, watch a video about it
3-Play touch football as a kid
4-Play with pads in high school, begin to use light weights
5-Play in college and work out heavier
6- get into Pro ball and work your buns off

This is very different from an ignorant HS kid that thinks he knows all about the game because he studied it in phys-ed.

We do our students a great injustice today in public schools - we give them a degree and lead them to believe that they know the English language or math, or science. And led to believe that they are ready for life... NOT!

We need some new blend of the old way of apprenticeship as with the great masters like Leonardo, and Steve Jobs - these guys didn't work 9-5. They attained mastery and made their students masters as well.

What ever you do brick laying or creating the next My Space site.

so what ever you do--
Consistency are the tools of the Masters.

Use them well (pardon the pun)

PS I read the Sun Rise on Colin's site 'Tiger Swami'

It inspired me to write this today - hope you enjoyed...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate...

Sang Swami Shivananda,

"Bear insult, bear injury,...

highest yoga....

This where, when squeezed, we find out what is inside of us...
Is it orange juice or anger?

Taming our responses or rather reactions is easy if we live in a cave meditating.
We have to get out into the life of the unaware to see if we really are or not.

If we are called an ass by someone ~ inquire who am I? have I grown ears?
Have I behaved as one? If so maybe I need to be able to respond:

Think before I speak and consider my words and their effect on others.

It is said today that words create what we are - I don't think so ~ in all cases...
could there be more behind this?

Look at actors, and orators, and politicians. We hear a lot of promises and see some thing else created.

But take actors, when they are screaming foul things on stage or Shakespeare and "out out deep spot" do they create what they are saying and living on stage?

I don't see that.

I feel that we need to be careful of our words we speak not to do harm to others nor to create outcomes we don't want. ie: a child has a gun we say smilingly, gently: "please put the gun down"
or do we react and say "You stupid shi...p, dumn ass, creep, put that thing down" which is more effective?

One can always talk about things later calmly when the danger is over.

Creating our existence with words requires believing the words, I feel. Putting emotions of certainty along with the phrase.

Try this: I love receiving money..

People just love giving me money.

People send me mail sacks full of money M-Sat !

How does that make you feel?

I just light up.

so when others spit at you, if you can relax, you have this basis down pat...

If you find yourself reacting inside...

Try inquiry: "Who am I?" and could be going on in their lives?
could they must be in pain? Are the really crying for help?
Blaming others for what they cant' stand in themselves?

Do the have a kept they don't want to tell you about? so they are critical?

If a karate warrior hits towards you... a judo master can redirect their energy thrust in a new direction, throwing them on the ground.. (with only a small finger)

See the Zorro movie where Anthony Hopkins uses his walking stick to defeat Antonio Banderas when second time meet.

Keep beaming ! Sticks and stones...


Thursday, November 27, 2008

A little less = A lot more...

Happy thanksgiving! To you and yours:

Here's a way to enjoy the holidays,
while keeping up your yoga discipline or practice:

Eat what ever you would normally eat today;
Eat just a little less !
You will feel better and you won't miss it.

How? OK:
Take you main dish whether it is tofu Turkey or the Real Thing;
put it on your plate.
Eat all of it that you normally would just eat one bite less.

Mashed potatoes:
Put it on;
One bite less.

put them on you plate;
one bite less of each of them.

Remember the vow you took at the beginning of the year - January something?
to be more moderate in eating, loose weight and all that?

Here's your chance to rule your life again - Yep today - NOW !
or will you wimp out and let your tong rule?

Your choice.

Remember Dubai wasn't built in a day :-)

Moderation is the way, little steps daily
Moderation is the way,

Happy thanksgiving.

(Gee maybe now the Bankers & car folks will now practice moderation too? !)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


KIV right ya'all !?  Keep in View right,

When you have a long range target or a goal, you will have many steps along the way.

Look at each step at the end of every day:

1- Identify what worked you ~ Celebrate it. Be Thankful for it...

2- Identify what didn't work for you, or where you went off target.

3-What would you like to see more of?
    Maybe a Better attitude here or there,
    A more timely action, such as paying your people on time (builds trust)
    In other words what could you do better in the days to come?

to bring even more thankfulness.

Then you go to bed happy today

And you'll be happily on the way to your target.

Happy Thanksgiving...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Never, Never, Never...

Yesterday I mentioned:
"think then act"
so that we would be conscious in our acting...

Well my battery went dead in my Camry.

so I went to Wal-mart where I had heard I could get a good 3 year battery.

I go there all the time for some food items,

so I was thinking of the battery - (think first right?)
and drove straight into my normal parking area, turned off the car. and

Oh ! It won't start now. and It didn't - where I needed to go was the
car area 300 yards away to get my dead battery looked at and replaced...

so I had to wait for AAA to come an jump start me again!

so what went wrong?

I wasn't thinking about the present outcome or mini goal or step ...

I was thinking about which battery to buy.
so I ended up in HABITUAL place.
habit got me....

it only cost me 1 1/2 of waiting --

I read in Tiger Swami about KIV keep in view

I failed to that in a timely manner.

So the other basic of increasing our consciousness it to Be Here NOW...
fully aware and the navigator of our lives..

Message: we fall down, fail, OK fine - just pick ourselves up and keep on going...

Never, Never, Never. give up....

Cheery day...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Take what you need...

To progress easily we need health. Sickness just slows us down.

There is a cycle many live in today - in the USA...

That is the Boga, Roga, Yoga cycle.

Could be called Samsara the cycle of birth and death of the Buddhists.

What is this cycle?

Boga = enjoyment (if to extreme we get)
Roga = suffering or disease (could be a simple as gas, usually pain so we go to)
Yoga = union or joining with the higher way the path to health first then balance, then Truth or Knowledge.
       (I got this off the tiger swami blog  good inspiration for me)

habits or the routine is stagnation, they rule most of our lives now.

thank goodness too - riding a bike and driving a stick shift is easy now...good habits like brushing our teeth.

bad habits like negative thinking - yep this is a habit, smoking, speaking ill of others, letting our minds seek too much pleasure, drinking pop or soda instead of water....

We need to have no white sugar in us - book 'Sugar Blues'
but it is everywhere today...
Like the Kings of a few centuries ago they killed their healers so they could have there money from sugar and  creating an addiction.

Cigarettes are bad for us? I don't think as bad as the sugar used to 'cure' the tobacco and put in for taste. The American Indians did not do this - thy used natural tobacco leaves.

do no harm is the basis of the higher way of life, or nonviolence.

Isn't putting something into your body that will harm you - doing violence to yourself?
thinking negative thoughts about yourself or another? Isn't this also harming yourself?

so we need to know what is causing us the real pain.
Mostly our un-inspected habits.

TV commercials program us walk like zombies, spend our hard earned money (instead of saving it)
and demand drugs from our DR's even ignoring the warnings on the ads.

Why put harmful things into your body?  Because they say so...

Ah ! the because 'frame'   this NLP has shown is an automatic key to drop your natural bull shi.... defence tean age questioning and just accept it as so....

If an add says because or some form of that word what out - question it...

you are more stuck in the endless cycle of Samsara or Enjoy, sickness, struggel back to health.

Humm not a bad business  plan.. jee has anyone thought of this?

1 We have commercials developing habits of mindless enjoyment,
2 people getting sick and beleiving it is just natural to get a cold, flue, heart attack,
3 People stealing your retierment account to make you well...

instead of garlick which cures all know pathogins but does no harm to body (except make you horny wtih bad breath :-) ) the give you alka-seltzer (sodium bicarbonate is cheep) tums, open heart surgery, chemo...

If we just take what we need like the American Indian Shamans taught - kill with respect and use the whole animal ~ or go vegetarian  ~ uses much less land, much less water, much less resources and gives better nutrition....

This simple basic of do no harm or non violence is really a vast topic.

Break your habits by self inspection - journal your daily actions, your food, your good days, bad days.

Then change your bad habits to good ones...

Oh by the way the middle path in my opinion include savings  one should have 6 months in cash saved?
do you? A good challange  to all us.

'Take what you need'   why take enough water to float a battle ship ? - for one pound of meat - yep
see John Robbins 'Diet for new America' vegetarian uses much less water....

think first -  then act.. more effective than the other way around...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Deep dark chocolate cake is rich...
though not very good for meditation..

Garlic & onions are delicious, and make the mind restless;
they are healthy, killing all know pathogens, and leaving all that is beneficial to us.
~Difficult for meditation for the mine will wander lustfully.

So what to eat?

What is your outcome?

This is what one needs to know before any plan for anything may be set.
If you are driving need to know where you want to drive to, have plan (map) and the resources to get there (car, gas, oil, motel, food, etc.,)

If it is meditation you want: certain foods are better than others.
If celibacy is your thing, avoid the garlic onions too.

The foundation of non violence is about not killing something to eat it. In the east it is vegetarian in the path of meditation. There for the Kings hunting was fine, a different path, so was war, see the Bhagavad Gita.

The red path honors the prey before consuming it and kills only for food.

so you must know what you want as an out come before you begin the path to


May you live your dream...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Miso fine...

Miso soup is a basic for Japanese meals. It is said to be very yang to get you going in the morning. So, it is eaten first.

This is made from fermenting soybeans and other foods, for long periods up to 1 1/2 years and more.  This 18 month variety is said to have protected the Hiroshima victims that ate it and brown rice from the effects of radiation poisoning. 

Try this:

~2 cups water (good water)
~1 small carrot cut into match sticks
~1/2 small onion choped
~1 inch piece of Kambu
~1 scallion sliced thin
~1 heaping table spoon of your favorite miso

bring the water to a boil, add the onion,and Kambu, simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.
Ad the carrots and white scallions simmer on low for 5 more minutes.
Remove form heat. Remove about 1/2 cup of mostly broth and mix in the miso keep slowly pushing on it and scraping a folk side to side on the miso, until it dissolves out of paste form.

Ad back to the soup but never cook miso...
Serve immediately ~ you may like to top it off with the green scallion tops and some cilantro...

This is great way to help observe your non violence, no animal products.
After about 15 minutes have some brown rice and veggies.

Enjoy the Day...

Friday, November 21, 2008

All In...

Well Friday ! Yea ? !

if so maybe you haven't found your footing, your calling, ~doing what you really enjoy...

Happiness comes from setting a path and walking along it, seeing the sign posts along the way.

But if you get to your goal...

Then celebrate for a day or two.. and set a bigger one.

Plan it out and work towards it...

Or you'll never be truly happy.

this is because life is movement, not a stagnant position.

What is Depression?  aside from rotten eating habits, sleep etc. it is the end of game
phenomena... It is what happens to retired folks ~ many die so after they retire.

You do need days of rest of doing nothing, not even TV, now and then.

When I lived in NY City  I found I had to get out for the weekend at least every other weekend.
Or I lost perspective.

So during the week maybe you want to re set it up - i.e.: work 4, 10 hour days or 3, 12 hour days.
and something else you schedule in the other days.

if you let time go it will take you nowhere, or wherever...

I know one nice lady who stuck out her thumb and sailed around the world, she also wanted many varied sexual experiences too; she got both and it cost her nothing. She just laid out her end goal and had a plan and followed it.

What out come do you want?
Be honest with yourself.
Get help working out your goals.
keep your day job - till you find your path.
Then walk the path...

from a life huger.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The List...

Keeping yourself honest...

what promises have you made this week?
~To Your Boss?
~Your family?
~Your friends?
~Your co-workers?
~Team members?

I yi yieee !

How many promises?

Well one more major one...
~To Yourself !

who knows?
well professionals in the front of a room do because they hire folks to sit in the back of the room a note down the promises they make to the audience. Like I will have that handout right after lunch for you. Or if you order now you'll get an additional 20% discount.

The only way to know if you made a promise is keep a running list.
then you can keep yourself on track.

remember if you want to get ahead folks have to trust you.
To trust you they will expect you to keep your promises even the ones that say
I'll be there at 8:15 Am  (be there at 8:14 AM)  even a minute late shows you lied - you know this.

so keep the list
and speak your promises to others in a reasonable time frame so that you can perform to your better standards..

Cheery day...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Want to be free?

free from what?

El Norte has a message that requires relocation.

But once you are physically free...
Free from what or to do what????

easy from the tyranny of your own habits and habits of negative thoughts or wrong thinking...

To gain control of your mind ~ you must train it that you are in control...


Look at the chocolate cake? or another that you just really love. can you just look at it? not eat it?
Then you are in control if you have to eat it then ...
your tong is in control or your habits or the bugs with you for a sugar fix...

to control this you must:
~1 decide you want to be free...
~2 You be the boss of what goes into your mouth -
~3 You be the boss of what comes out of your mouth...this is most important.

Try this you call the shots
when it goes differently

have a rubber band around your wrist and snap it !

Let your innards know you are in command.

This is the ultimate game - do you want to win it?

Cheery day

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ruling Class...

What rules the area you live in?
the area you work in?
your life?

It may be your boss ~ until you find your own path

Could be the government ~ until you discover self reliance.

Maybe your children or your spouse ~ until you know your self...

What is the way to become all knowing?
all seeing?
all feeling?

there are 8 Beams

8 rays of light &

8 Supports on which to stand.

Here we will cover the time proven methods.

so your legs will hold you, when you are ready to walk, and run.

Till then keep your day job, do you job what ever it may be that you have accepted...

then study in your spare time  --What?  Who?

Study what interests you ... as streams run to a river and all rivers to the one Ocean...

All paths lead to Rome.

Here's what I have learned:  take what ever path God has for you...
maybe its a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chef,
a creator of good or a destroyer of many
a sex therapist or a prostitute...
~ do it well, learn it well, Master your craft
and be open to when your inner light dawns to raise you..

Mother Theresa was in her 60's before God revealed her path to her - before then she was a very good Nun, serving as directed by man... After she was inspired by God, and she in turn inspired the world, to be better place.

What will you do?
nothing if you don't give it your all...

Be the best you can be...

lets find the way...