Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Want to be free?

free from what?

El Norte has a message that requires relocation.

But once you are physically free...
Free from what or to do what????

easy from the tyranny of your own habits and habits of negative thoughts or wrong thinking...

To gain control of your mind ~ you must train it that you are in control...


Look at the chocolate cake? or another that you just really love. can you just look at it? not eat it?
Then you are in control if you have to eat it then ...
your tong is in control or your habits or the bugs with you for a sugar fix...

to control this you must:
~1 decide you want to be free...
~2 You be the boss of what goes into your mouth -
~3 You be the boss of what comes out of your mouth...this is most important.

Try this you call the shots
when it goes differently

have a rubber band around your wrist and snap it !

Let your innards know you are in command.

This is the ultimate game - do you want to win it?

Cheery day

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