Monday, November 24, 2008

Take what you need...

To progress easily we need health. Sickness just slows us down.

There is a cycle many live in today - in the USA...

That is the Boga, Roga, Yoga cycle.

Could be called Samsara the cycle of birth and death of the Buddhists.

What is this cycle?

Boga = enjoyment (if to extreme we get)
Roga = suffering or disease (could be a simple as gas, usually pain so we go to)
Yoga = union or joining with the higher way the path to health first then balance, then Truth or Knowledge.
       (I got this off the tiger swami blog  good inspiration for me)

habits or the routine is stagnation, they rule most of our lives now.

thank goodness too - riding a bike and driving a stick shift is easy now...good habits like brushing our teeth.

bad habits like negative thinking - yep this is a habit, smoking, speaking ill of others, letting our minds seek too much pleasure, drinking pop or soda instead of water....

We need to have no white sugar in us - book 'Sugar Blues'
but it is everywhere today...
Like the Kings of a few centuries ago they killed their healers so they could have there money from sugar and  creating an addiction.

Cigarettes are bad for us? I don't think as bad as the sugar used to 'cure' the tobacco and put in for taste. The American Indians did not do this - thy used natural tobacco leaves.

do no harm is the basis of the higher way of life, or nonviolence.

Isn't putting something into your body that will harm you - doing violence to yourself?
thinking negative thoughts about yourself or another? Isn't this also harming yourself?

so we need to know what is causing us the real pain.
Mostly our un-inspected habits.

TV commercials program us walk like zombies, spend our hard earned money (instead of saving it)
and demand drugs from our DR's even ignoring the warnings on the ads.

Why put harmful things into your body?  Because they say so...

Ah ! the because 'frame'   this NLP has shown is an automatic key to drop your natural bull shi.... defence tean age questioning and just accept it as so....

If an add says because or some form of that word what out - question it...

you are more stuck in the endless cycle of Samsara or Enjoy, sickness, struggel back to health.

Humm not a bad business  plan.. jee has anyone thought of this?

1 We have commercials developing habits of mindless enjoyment,
2 people getting sick and beleiving it is just natural to get a cold, flue, heart attack,
3 People stealing your retierment account to make you well...

instead of garlick which cures all know pathogins but does no harm to body (except make you horny wtih bad breath :-) ) the give you alka-seltzer (sodium bicarbonate is cheep) tums, open heart surgery, chemo...

If we just take what we need like the American Indian Shamans taught - kill with respect and use the whole animal ~ or go vegetarian  ~ uses much less land, much less water, much less resources and gives better nutrition....

This simple basic of do no harm or non violence is really a vast topic.

Break your habits by self inspection - journal your daily actions, your food, your good days, bad days.

Then change your bad habits to good ones...

Oh by the way the middle path in my opinion include savings  one should have 6 months in cash saved?
do you? A good challange  to all us.

'Take what you need'   why take enough water to float a battle ship ? - for one pound of meat - yep
see John Robbins 'Diet for new America' vegetarian uses much less water....

think first -  then act.. more effective than the other way around...

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