Sunday, November 30, 2008

Common Sense...

Everyone thinks they have it..

(if so why would a mother, eat a hamburger, smoke cigarette, and drive a stick shift from a red light all at the same time ~ with her baby in the car? ? ? Really ? yea no joke...

Dirty Harry (Clint E) said it best: " A man's got to know his limitations"
He finds this out in these movies from constant and never ending improvement - 'CANI'
by daily practice.

All of these basis of yoga or life are just the basics and common sense is one of them...
Think you can fly off of building? try it, but not while you are on LSD. it kills common sense.

Cannabis kills common sense, people who plan while smoking the stuff think they have the next Google all set up. Then a few days later they can see (if they come down and clean it out of their systems) they see it as "What was I thinking?"

I think a lot of the so called modern art is made this way.

Develop common sense by lots of practice and drills, read "Rainbow 6" this what they do all the time is drill.
Fireman have their drills in specially built buildings to put on fire and practice fighting the out...
this stuff is dangerous, fire is really dangerous see 'Back Draft' and others.

Is driving any less dangerous? Why try it high?
why go though life stoned?

Common sense... can be modeled an learned if you figure out that you don't have it...
go study under a master like Zorro learn when and how to act to accomplish your target goals.

Thank God !...

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