Thursday, November 20, 2008

The List...

Keeping yourself honest...

what promises have you made this week?
~To Your Boss?
~Your family?
~Your friends?
~Your co-workers?
~Team members?

I yi yieee !

How many promises?

Well one more major one...
~To Yourself !

who knows?
well professionals in the front of a room do because they hire folks to sit in the back of the room a note down the promises they make to the audience. Like I will have that handout right after lunch for you. Or if you order now you'll get an additional 20% discount.

The only way to know if you made a promise is keep a running list.
then you can keep yourself on track.

remember if you want to get ahead folks have to trust you.
To trust you they will expect you to keep your promises even the ones that say
I'll be there at 8:15 Am  (be there at 8:14 AM)  even a minute late shows you lied - you know this.

so keep the list
and speak your promises to others in a reasonable time frame so that you can perform to your better standards..

Cheery day...

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Nick said...

This is a really good blog with great posts... many thanks for it!