Sunday, November 23, 2008


Deep dark chocolate cake is rich...
though not very good for meditation..

Garlic & onions are delicious, and make the mind restless;
they are healthy, killing all know pathogens, and leaving all that is beneficial to us.
~Difficult for meditation for the mine will wander lustfully.

So what to eat?

What is your outcome?

This is what one needs to know before any plan for anything may be set.
If you are driving need to know where you want to drive to, have plan (map) and the resources to get there (car, gas, oil, motel, food, etc.,)

If it is meditation you want: certain foods are better than others.
If celibacy is your thing, avoid the garlic onions too.

The foundation of non violence is about not killing something to eat it. In the east it is vegetarian in the path of meditation. There for the Kings hunting was fine, a different path, so was war, see the Bhagavad Gita.

The red path honors the prey before consuming it and kills only for food.

so you must know what you want as an out come before you begin the path to


May you live your dream...

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