Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ruling Class...

What rules the area you live in?
the area you work in?
your life?

It may be your boss ~ until you find your own path

Could be the government ~ until you discover self reliance.

Maybe your children or your spouse ~ until you know your self...

What is the way to become all knowing?
all seeing?
all feeling?

there are 8 Beams

8 rays of light &

8 Supports on which to stand.

Here we will cover the time proven methods.

so your legs will hold you, when you are ready to walk, and run.

Till then keep your day job, do you job what ever it may be that you have accepted...

then study in your spare time  --What?  Who?

Study what interests you ... as streams run to a river and all rivers to the one Ocean...

All paths lead to Rome.

Here's what I have learned:  take what ever path God has for you...
maybe its a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chef,
a creator of good or a destroyer of many
a sex therapist or a prostitute...
~ do it well, learn it well, Master your craft
and be open to when your inner light dawns to raise you..

Mother Theresa was in her 60's before God revealed her path to her - before then she was a very good Nun, serving as directed by man... After she was inspired by God, and she in turn inspired the world, to be better place.

What will you do?
nothing if you don't give it your all...

Be the best you can be...

lets find the way...

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