Friday, November 21, 2008

All In...

Well Friday ! Yea ? !

if so maybe you haven't found your footing, your calling, ~doing what you really enjoy...

Happiness comes from setting a path and walking along it, seeing the sign posts along the way.

But if you get to your goal...

Then celebrate for a day or two.. and set a bigger one.

Plan it out and work towards it...

Or you'll never be truly happy.

this is because life is movement, not a stagnant position.

What is Depression?  aside from rotten eating habits, sleep etc. it is the end of game
phenomena... It is what happens to retired folks ~ many die so after they retire.

You do need days of rest of doing nothing, not even TV, now and then.

When I lived in NY City  I found I had to get out for the weekend at least every other weekend.
Or I lost perspective.

So during the week maybe you want to re set it up - i.e.: work 4, 10 hour days or 3, 12 hour days.
and something else you schedule in the other days.

if you let time go it will take you nowhere, or wherever...

I know one nice lady who stuck out her thumb and sailed around the world, she also wanted many varied sexual experiences too; she got both and it cost her nothing. She just laid out her end goal and had a plan and followed it.

What out come do you want?
Be honest with yourself.
Get help working out your goals.
keep your day job - till you find your path.
Then walk the path...

from a life huger.

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