Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are you an Ass?

Have you grown long ears? Is your hide now fuzzy?
"Sticks an stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me."
Sounds good to elementry school boy, but they still get their emotions hurt.

So you get your nose out of joint? Does fire well up in you? If you get called an ass?

But why does these energies coming from another get under our skin?

Well, I almost hate to say this -- but, here it is...

because we let it...

that is it - that is the reason, that is why...

let me show you:
you are watchin a movie - say a western, and the lead idiot calles the hero an 'ass'
do you get upset? No, because it wasn't said to you - right?

Well in yoga philosophy:
I am not this body
this body is not mine,
I am not this mind, this mind is not mine
I am neither mind nor body - immortal self I am,
I am witness of 3 states,
knowledge absoloute.

Mr so and so is a false nonentity...

so you see you mistakingly beleive it is said to you, the actor on the stage...
you acting in life, you falsely believe that you are a limited personality...

Are you? Only if you believe you are...

so Are you an Ass? same answer - only if you beleive you are.

If you let another falsely convince you that you are - who is then responsible?
are you really the victim or are you like the lady who had a litter of kids? a mom of 14 with no job....

Inquire "who am I" and be free...
you will soon attain imortality...
Bharman is the only real entity...
Mr so & so is a false non entity...

Chidanada rupa shivohum shivohum...

Supreme consciouness and I the nature of the all knowing source of light....

If you think you are descended from the apes, you and 'science' may be in for a surprise.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dispellers of Darkness

In the ancient texts of India,
the description of this time period,
says, the teachers will come out of the caves,
the forests, the wilds, and into the cities
to help guide those who are ready
to do some work on their own.

Some come as God's to be worshiped, by many;
some demand respect and all your life's savings;
some come to be 'right' and have many agree with them;
Some come as strict teachers, some as palmists, astrologers, ministers, musicians,
even some as politicians;
some hide themselves as ordinary people, some as street folks, some as restaurant owners, some as lawyers ~ you really can find them in every walk of life.
Some come as yogis, or Pilates, or belly dancers.
Some only show up when they are needed - maybe these are angels.
some are hidden, some are obvious, some are ostentatious, some quiet.
One thing is clear when a student is ready the teacher will be there....
this is the Universal law.

some come as friends - just to be there & show the way; some come a cripples to teach compassion; slumdog millionaire, I feel is such a vehicle. I am glad it won such good recognition.

Will everyone recognize it? Sometimes, even the authors do not.

Sometimes a teacher is so well hidden even the person does not know they are teaching. these folks are just being themselves. 'Second Hand Lions' is like this type.

May your inner vision glow brighter.
Your inner knowing is your gift, unwrap it, bathe in it.
This is the way of all of the 'gurus' or dispellers of darkness.

Bringing more light.

or A Shanti combined "A" in Spanish for towards 'Shanti" in Sanskrit means Peace

looking for a few happy, pleasant teachers ?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why we are here...

The Holistic Radio Show brings you the best in little know areas of life that help you live better.

Simple Alternative healing modalities:
unadvertised by the "big" companies
because there is no money in them:
such as garlic for high blood pressure, or
Hawthorne berries for protection against heart attacks.
Vitamin D for everything healthy, as an antibiotic, flue prevention, osteoporosis and more.

Research on how the digestive system and immune system actually works.

Environmental health such as clean local energy,
or how to decorate your 'pad'

Astrologers and numerology to help you see your path more clearly.

Experts in nutrition, exercise, ancient decoding of the past.

Religious thoughts to help you connect with your inner knowledge.

what is i like on the other side of life - listen to the tour guides who have been there.

How to create a more fulfilling life; maybe for you it is more fun, exploration, or more
Knowledge more Truth more love.

This show brings you the best so you can have the best
- of everything you want.

Towards more light...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honorable Killing prt: 3rd...

So who is right? The Buddhist’s believe as the Jain’s in non violence, a yogi tradition for ones who seek enlightenment. The warriors have no limitation on killing, except to not harm then innocent like farmers, children, and women.

I see no problem is killing idiots who desire to only take life from others, and do immoral acts. I see no problem in killing one who wants to die, like Dr. Kevorkian. I see no trouble killing in defense - but where does this end? This takes great training as in a Shao lin priest.

The problem today is that folks believe that killing of the body is killing. I believe that I am immortal, I am the eternal spirit that moves from body to body much like I pick out a new car.
Therefore, who can kill me? It is a mistaken belief.

But one can kill my creations. My home, my cars, my gardens, my body and on & on.
I feel as the yogis and Buddhists, that not to kill is the way. I don't kill ants, anymore, or spiders, etc. but if I find a black widow near the house, I will kill it, just out of protection for the others that live there too.

President Lincoln was legally able to hold a duel, not any more - it would be considered murder. Abe handled it by a stroke of genius to challenger who he put off for a long time, wanting to duel. Pres finally agreed when the man gave him the option of time and place with choice of weapons: 'Ok I will duel in (this particular) lake with sledge hammers... Well the lake was 6 feet deep no problem for Mr. Lincoln, but the challenger was less than that.... end of duel Abe won with wits.

So this is not a cut an dry subject. Mahatma Gandhi practiced non violence, as did his student Dr King, who died at the hand of an assassin as did Gandhiji. The only conclusion I can come to is that one must decide for oneself, where question lies.

The Martial arts teachers- the best of all, know their skill so well that they don't have to kill, they can disable any attacker with any weapon. Native American Indians are said to be able to transform into animals to escape there enemies. Miracles do happen.

You have a temperament - follow your path. If like Gandhi or King it is peace - follow peace. If it is like Gen Schwarzkopf or The Green Hornet follow the path of war, in defense.

There are other paths too, you must find yours. Generally it must be up to society to decide this issue. As Clint’s latest movie about gangs, illustrates. Yea for Dirty Harry ! when we need him.

Yea for Gandhi when we want to live.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Honorable Killing prt: 2nd

Well, who am I to judge...

But, I do have to know what to do when I have to act. In the movie "Taken", an ‘A+’ in my book, the hero has to go an get his daughter who was 'taken' to be sold into slavery as prostitute, by a gang who is above the ability of the local law to deal with. There’s lots of killing of these ‘perps’ in this picture. Anyone viewing it would agree, they need to die.

Hindu history in the form of stories passed from generation, by generation as tales of villains so bad that God himself ( or her self) has to incarnate to come down here in order to put the creep back under control. The Ramayana, the story of a King, Rama, who has his bride, Sita, stolen. They were incarnations of God to trap the pesky demon, and have an excuse to kill him if he didn't want to behave.

Krishna in the "Bhagavad-Gita", the Song of the Lord - one section of the "Mahabharata" or Great Struggle or War, has to deal with the hero - Arjuna. (Etymologically he became Hercules to the Greeks. Arjuna had to face this same dilemma oh kill or not kill. There is every reason to kill his own teacher - by treachery, and even some of his own family members. But he can't do it, though is a master of martial arts - so much of a one the Hitler has special orders to gain the knowledge of Arjuna’s battlefield powers.

In order to get Arjuna to fight, to kill, to win this battle, Krishna - an incarnation of God, also a master of the martial arts, had to give Arjuna a divine view of God (Krishna) crushing these enemies in his teeth. The message was “fight Arjuna - you can not kill anyone as the soul is immortal, as you and I are. I, God, alone can destroy- so fulfill your destiny as this is preordained by me. Fight Arjuna, kill.” Gods Blessings.

What happens today when both sides in Iraq think, believe they are killing in the name of God?
The difference to me is that God tells one in the above situations, where man thinks he is doing it in the Name of God in Iraq.

So who is right?

continued tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honorable Killing prt: 1rst

Thou shall not kill,
was one of the original 10 commandments Moses brought off the holy mountain. Since his followers were still worshiping the Bull with drunken ways and lots of fun... He created the Mosaic laws - which are the basis of the laws followed today in the good 'ol USA. He at first added 100 laws.

One of these laws was the “can't work on Sabbath” rule. The other was the no adultery rule. Both of these as we can see in the bible were punishable by death, with out a trial. The culprits were stoned to death by a crowd.

This seems to violate the Thou Shall not kill rule to me. It is ok to be angry and have the whole community - or those present kill someone for plowing a field or cooking on 7th day...

Well, who am I to judge...

continued tomorrow

Would like help in this matter from your guardian angel?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Moving out of Aquarius the sign of winter, into Pisces the sign of two fish, one diving into the depths the other moving into the light; today.

Now the ice melts, the ground melts, and under the earth many things are taking place. Bulbs begin to sprout and like a miracle plants shoot up under the snow into the brightness of day ~ a lot takes place unseen. This is called faith.

We need to have the belief - or the knowledge - then understanding  of all that goes on unseen that the flowers will come up.

If you need to like a Aquarian, you can  investigate all of this with experiments of all sorts, or based on the  experience of many before you ,and your own observations- have the faith they will come up - if you plant them the fall before.  the beautiful bulbs.

We need to now that all is in order - even in chaos, for this is a necessary step to escape from the tyranny of ignorance. when one wakes up to an issue like the gov has to these stupendous financial disasters  world wide, the first wake up call is to see the mess - boy is it a mess. Then Chaos sets in until we get the details and slowly begin do what needs to be done.  This comes from hiding oneself from the facts. they just didn't want to know, like an Ostrich with its head in the sand. 

Patience is needed to let things grown as they need to. Knowledge of the way things work, can give us great patience. Love yourself, love your body, love your cells, have patience with others, give them hope, & encouragement.

forgive those and yourself. get help if you need it. Someone with grand insight into the intuitive world may be of great help.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Optomistic View of 2009

Rose Marie an Astrologer living in Florida, and traveling often to Dallas, TX has a unique view of optimism for the next difficult 18 months for most. For light workers, and those who can see the need for new items, this will be a grand time.
For it has been said that 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention'.

My friend Colin, has gotten her on the phone to see what she sees is coming up. I think your best listening to this 1 hr and 1/2 interview to gain the subtleties of the coming days.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wacky History...

The theory of Evolution is in danger. What if buildings were found under mastodon remains?
Or what would be the meaning of an Inscripted wall of Limestone was found under 300 million year old coal?

Edger Casey, the sleeping profit, in the 30's, gave very detailed personal histories of many people's past lives in very advanced cities like Atlantis who disappeared about 12,000 - 18,000 years ago, and LaMuria was many centuries before that.

Rockwall, TX is named after a rockwall built about 30,000 years ago, but authorities have tried to discredit the evidence.

Read these interesting discoveries and ask all the questions you would like...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Find Your Tools...

When you are in the middle of trying to do something like  write a blog.. and you just don't know what to do next.

Find your tools. Locate your folders of reference materials, your computer writing program- I use scribe fire as well as bloggers online tools, your photo reference, your articles page, and article feed pages.

If you are going to make a scrap book, you would have all the materials laid out before you, ready to go. So I do the same when writing.

What about if your car has a flat tier? You need to find your tools - right?
DO you know where they are?  Did you check to see if they are in there in the last 3 months? Is the spare tier inflated? When did you check last?

If you know the answers to these questions you won't have any problems if an emergency comes up.  Have you got a basic survival kit in the car? In you drive farther than walking distance to work, you ought to have one, in each car.

do you have the tools you need in your kitchen? Probably. Do you have your water purification system?

Do you have your body tools?  Do you exercise it enough? Get enough Sunlight / vitamin D? Do you get a green drink or nutrients? You know what to do - do you do it?

Ok make a check list of your tools.
the ones you should have
the ones you need to have
Check the one you have
barter, buy or receive the ones you don't have.

Education may be a tool, daily meditation is a tool.

Go find out what you want to have;
and get 'em so you can write your own ticket to Happiness or Safety

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shoot an arrow...

I Shot an arrow into the air
it came down, I know not where...

Does describe you?
Your cooking methods?
Your Filing method?
Your driving habits?
Your speaking words of LOVE?

Are you speaking your language but not care if you are speaking theirs?
The Language of love is a many splendid thing.
This is an art from
Just as cooking or flower arraigning can be art forms or not so can speech and communication.

Communication takes place when both sides understand the message.
This becomes an art form when when it is appreciated - but maybe not by the one communicated to - for instance a communication to the Germans in WWII when the Allies entered Berlin - Hitler didn't appreciate it as he committed suicide. But he got the message, the same one he gave to many countries as he expanded his territory. - But this is the language of War, not of love.

Whether you are communicating love or war, for effectiveness sake,
know where your arrows are shot.
May your quiver always be full.
May your arrows always reach their target.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Gift of time...

Sometimes the best gift is to just be there.

maybe you can do something while you are there;

but there is no need.

Sometimes just to think of someone, if they are consciously telepathic, they will feel your thoughts. Have you ever known who was on the phone before you read the caller ID? Telepathy.

Gifts are funny some do not recognize one when they receive one - because it is not given in the way they wanted it.

We have this problem on this planet - both lovers may speak the same language but not the language of love. We have to learn what this for ourselves and for our lovers, if we want to give to them in the way they understand.

The gift of time may be what the demand or expect but not want, as a message of love. You are my husband you have to fix the toilet, paint the house, take out the garbage etc.

"Why don't you tell me you love me?" after the house is painted, the garbage out, and the toilet is fixed. And you brought flowers. That may not have done it either.

So you fixed her computer - nope...not yet. mowed the lawn? Nope.
got her a card? not yet. A diamond bracelet? not yet...

exhausted yet?
What she wanted was you go an spend happy time with her mom.
how were you to know? Maybe she didn't either.

Have fun exploring ways to give.

I still feel the gift of time is the best!
(for me :-) )

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Lifes love...

There are certainly many people that we can appreciate, admire, love, and share joy with.

There are a few that we can even really Love, to be with for a very long time. If you have someone like that - a life partner= you are a good creator.

Sometimes we just have to look in their eyes, to feel their hearts, sometime we have to touch them.

Any way that works - some have to hear them, to know they are wonderful and ingrained in their hearts.

Valentines day is different from other days.
forget the commercial stuff.
make some thing special for you the one or ones you love...

even a handmade cookie, or a little note.
or some flowers, or picture
maybe a book...
or well hey you are a creative person.
go create...
be on time

or create time...
these flowering trees I see jumping out of their buds are doing just that. They love life.

keep your face to the sunshine and you won't see the shadows.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, the Flow...

"Trust the force Luke..."
How many ways have we heard it:
be in the flow,
go with the flow,
Trust in the Lord,
said a 1000 ways in all languages but do we get it?

Yes, on those days that all is going your way...
what about the days that it is not?
easy, be an observer.

The greatest yogis have passed on the suggestion to:
 "be in the world but of it"
 "be as water on a lotus leaf"
 "be in it just don't get caught by all the illusions."

One way is to say in your head: 
"gee the sh.... it really hitting the fan."
"The boss must be really mad at me"
"My wife doesn't seem happy with me for forgetting to pick up the kids"
you get the idea.
"the stock market just wiped out my life's saving"...
maybe could be -"I wasn't paying attention to the market and the little voices inside telling me to get out"
"What lesson can I learn from this"

To be in the flow, one needs talent and practice and good vehicle.
i.e.: Luke Skywaker trained as a Jedi with one of the best masters in his field, and he had a light saber, yes a real one... Then he could trust the force.
The rafters of the mighty Colorado River have to pass competency requirements and have certified river guide, and have a certified registered raft... to go with the flow...

Yoga students had to live with their teachers and carry water and chop wood for many years to learn "how to be in the world. but not of it".

To sum up:
to go with the flow:
we need: a competent experienced teacher;
efficient practice time to develop skill;
proper technology or a good appropriate vehicle.

a little more:
appropriate, proper, vehicle: you need your Jedi light saber, or as Tommy Smothers sang:
"If you get an outfit you can be a cowboy too!"
to go with the flow driving and drive intuitively - one or you, need a healthy vehicle, one that is mechanically sound, good breaks, responsive, sufficient fuel of the right kind, training to drive, practice driving, and then learning to use your intuition, and listen it in time to act quickly enough to take advantage of "flow"

Go with the flow;
be in the zone;
"if you are in the zone" as basketball player - how many baskets have you shot? How many did you make? Miss?
"if as a concert pianist in the 'zone' how many hours, weeks, months and years have you practiced?
Ravi Shankar, practices with his daughter for 8 hours or so a day. the sitar Master says in book 'My life My Music':
I feel it takes 3 lifetime to master the sitar..."
so now he can go with the flow...
may you study, be an observer, and practice
and gain some mastery so you too, can 'go with the flow'

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok the ship is out of the harbor...

Now what - did you get your plans made,
friends greeted?
Family reunited?

I guess the next question is are they trying to control you?
or are you controlling your own destiny?

Time to get going on your plan that you have laid out.

the President of the USA in on his, and as you can see he needs to make many corrections,
modifications, ask for help,
raising enough agreement to his bills and programs passed through congress.

What are you doing, to get your plan underway?
do you need help -raise an advisory board of supportive people as advisers.
do you need money? The same folks may be able to help too.

what ever you need ask and it will come your way.
Just as the President asks for support you can too.

You may need to develop his kind of focus and conviction of the right path for your venture.
If you are not committed to making it happen the universe won't put it's time and resources to you.

so today Celebrate You, your path, your plan, put some energy into into it.
spread the word.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 15 Lantern Day Happy Chinese New Year

Day 15 has arrived !
The greatest day of the celebration
- On the evening of the 15 day everyone
carries a lantern in the street and joins
the biggest parade of the year with the high-light
being the 100 foot dragon carried by all the young men.
This is the brightest most
beautiful evening of the whole two weeks!

Light your lanterns everyone !

Aquarians live in their own time and place...

This was published on a friends yahoo groups site
moonlady.. Amy is the Moon lady...

As a Aquarian my self with mercury and Sun in the sign and only Pluto in Leo - like the rest of my generation:
I disagree with this next author's analysis of Aquarians

Leo Full Moon Reflections:

Make Your Own Kind of Music <http://www.mooncirc>

by April Elliott Kent

Those of us with untapped Aquarius energy wander through life

feeling as though we missed school on the very important day when

social networking skills were taught. Humans are social animals,

and it's threatening to be unable to find a place in one's pack.

We're hard-wired to crave the very Aquarian experience of

belonging. But if fitting in means surrendering the ideas, gifts,

and self-expression that are uniquely ours, our Leo selves insist

that it's too dear a price to pay....

read the full article <http://mooncircles. com>

Joining is not the arena of Aquarius, nor is fitting in, or giving up ones ideals./nor even 'paying the price' Aquarians just do their own thing. Look at Lincoln - if he cared about fitting in - he would just have quit early on with so many failures -but being an Aquarian he just kept marching to his own vision- HIS not any others...
From personal experience I can attest that I will do none of these - that is why I blog
not to fit in
but to flap my gums, share view
but not to gain acceptance nor to belong.

A medicine man in a tribe doesn't 'belong' he lives on the outskirts of the tribe.
observing - like Moses. and when the time is right will show up, like a Tibetan sooth Sayer.
There jobs are to tell it like it is - to 'fit in'
she has it backwards in my opion
I Leo as the one that will have to fit in- like the USA currant President,
He will retain leadership, admit mistakes, be some what more transparent, because Leo's like to be the center of Attention.
They have to keep the eyes on them, and to a degree they have to fit in.
I do not see Leo making its own music - Leo lives to perform in front of a audience.
Aquarius lives to make music - but cares less whether anyone listens or not.

this is my view.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 14 get ready

Today is preparation for the Biggest day of the New Year Celebration...
It may take whole day to get the 100 dragon ready with it's Lion head to dance.

so make your preparations..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 13 Chinese New Year

13 is always a lucky for me. You too?
Not for:
Caesar crossed the Rubicon with the 13 th legion - the beginning of the end of Rome.
did you know that many buildings do not even have a '13th' floor?
It is not on the elevator selection pad? It goes with black cats...
interesting that in Chinese astrology the cat was left out.
1913 was the year the US congress at Christmas session established the The present tax code, the American Bar Association, & authorised the Federal Reserve Bank. Some have seen this the root of all evil in the USA.

  • There are 12.41 full moons in any given year; so some years have 13th - the 'Blue Moon'
  • There were 13 at the last supper.
  • 13 is a bakers dozen.
  • A Rondeau is poem with 13 lines.
  • 13 original colonies, stars on the USA flag, # of Guns in the Army & others Salute.
  • In the Great Seal of the United States there are 13 olive leaves (with 13 olives), 13 arrows, and 13 stars. These form a triangle over the eagle with the number 13 on each point. On the reverse the pyramid has 13 levels

What ever the reason, 13 + / - lives with us; even George Lucas has the # 1138 sprinkled all through his star wars movies. (1+1+3+8=13)

Some like it some don't. I am one who does.
We have a Friday the 13th coming this week.
Today is the Chinese 13th Day of New Year
a good time to rest up after all of the feasting that has taken place over the last 12 days...
(hum: reminds me of the 12 days of Christmas), you know from all that stuffing and drinking I bet many died because of this at this time.

so a bit of Cleanse is in order.
The Chinese recommend rice and mustard greens today for the rest and a bit of cleanse.

Sparkling Gold has some good ideas for cleansing.

happy Celebrating - rest up for the coming Big day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 11 & 12 Chinese New Year

Envite your friends and relatives to dinner - party and have a lot fun... honor your guests.
entertain them.

play games or read poetry or stories

just enjoy their company...


Thursday, February 5, 2009


One of the most available oils in the 1800's was ?
Right whale oil - used for lamps, heaters, cosmetics, and on and on.
If you want to be vegetarian ~ being non violent and harming no others, look at this oil. If you want health with Cod liver oil or Omega 3 you need more of this oil or one like it in organic butter to make it effective to take.

I take a little just before bed - so that my liver (Chinese indicate it is active cleaning itself from 12 midnight to 2 AM) has energy and 'soap' to clean with.

I found out that soap is an oil, Cholesterol is a type of soap that the liver and brain use to clean themselves with. so I take about one teaspoon at night.

So we can be nonviolent, and healthy at the same time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Real Dvince code...

The story has been too hot to print, and write into a movie...
I believe it is because the latent memories of truth lie just below the surface in most of us, - even from past lives. There seems to be evidence claimed by some that Hitler was gay. But Ava Braun and many other women may have been responsible for bringing down the 3rd Reich.

The story unfolds from a 'now' person's own recollections of her past lives. Some will say that it is just an over active imagination, others may say it is automatic writing, or channeling. Everyone has their own acceptable belief systems. That said how much did Tom Hanks make for the movie? or what was the box office gross the first month?

Well this book and the interview are almost too much truth... The power of women as we have seen in the last election is not yet acceptable enough... What do you think?

Monday, February 2, 2009

It will catch you and bite you...

See what happens when too many cupcakes are placed in front of you- for long enough?
or donuts or ... ya you know the white stuff we don't eat anymore...

until we are alone with it for long enough...right? for most of us yes...

Even for Politicians - the chance of a lifetime and 'D' has to be put aside because he didn 't pay taxes for several years. Well we cut corners here and we cut corners there and before you know the whole house comes down.

I am not for or against paying taxes, the point is what we are discussing in this blog is strong foundations, being who we are letting God lay out our path and following it.
If a prostitute - great be the best and when you decide to do something else be the best at that too.

If we can master just few things the world is ours.
what can you do?

create yours your way...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 7 - Visit more friends days 2

Celebrate the Chinese New Year day 7
maybe today with the Super Bowl with friends
create good memories and renew the joys of friendship.

Share with them your new ideas you have cultivated since you last met.
may be one interview you were inspired by the most.

Today is a good day to share who are, what you are looking for maybe how your friends can help. But they don't like to be sold, just asked for support, or ideas.

Maybe you have some good ideas on how to help create domestic energy self - sufficiency.  Such as the T Boone Pickens plan, or one on working with the dolphins or using iodine to cure the tropic visitors of Malaria and HIV... or wow... you got the inspiration right? Maybe you just want to travel to exotic places with a shaman, to do earth healing ceremonies;  Or meet some galactic travelers with predictions for 2009?

Take your inspiration:
Use it, mold it, create it, develop it with friends that are supportive.

But people who grab you, bind you, put you down, get up and run away - you don't need these types in your life.  Declare your Freedom and give in ways that are mutually beneficial to you and your long term goals and targets.

Fire? I hope so...

Cheers only for you
no Jeers - you are after all what you have created.
create some new things
life is movement - creation.