Friday, February 20, 2009

Honorable Killing prt: 2nd

Well, who am I to judge...

But, I do have to know what to do when I have to act. In the movie "Taken", an ‘A+’ in my book, the hero has to go an get his daughter who was 'taken' to be sold into slavery as prostitute, by a gang who is above the ability of the local law to deal with. There’s lots of killing of these ‘perps’ in this picture. Anyone viewing it would agree, they need to die.

Hindu history in the form of stories passed from generation, by generation as tales of villains so bad that God himself ( or her self) has to incarnate to come down here in order to put the creep back under control. The Ramayana, the story of a King, Rama, who has his bride, Sita, stolen. They were incarnations of God to trap the pesky demon, and have an excuse to kill him if he didn't want to behave.

Krishna in the "Bhagavad-Gita", the Song of the Lord - one section of the "Mahabharata" or Great Struggle or War, has to deal with the hero - Arjuna. (Etymologically he became Hercules to the Greeks. Arjuna had to face this same dilemma oh kill or not kill. There is every reason to kill his own teacher - by treachery, and even some of his own family members. But he can't do it, though is a master of martial arts - so much of a one the Hitler has special orders to gain the knowledge of Arjuna’s battlefield powers.

In order to get Arjuna to fight, to kill, to win this battle, Krishna - an incarnation of God, also a master of the martial arts, had to give Arjuna a divine view of God (Krishna) crushing these enemies in his teeth. The message was “fight Arjuna - you can not kill anyone as the soul is immortal, as you and I are. I, God, alone can destroy- so fulfill your destiny as this is preordained by me. Fight Arjuna, kill.” Gods Blessings.

What happens today when both sides in Iraq think, believe they are killing in the name of God?
The difference to me is that God tells one in the above situations, where man thinks he is doing it in the Name of God in Iraq.

So who is right?

continued tomorrow.

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