Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why we are here...

The Holistic Radio Show brings you the best in little know areas of life that help you live better.

Simple Alternative healing modalities:
unadvertised by the "big" companies
because there is no money in them:
such as garlic for high blood pressure, or
Hawthorne berries for protection against heart attacks.
Vitamin D for everything healthy, as an antibiotic, flue prevention, osteoporosis and more.

Research on how the digestive system and immune system actually works.

Environmental health such as clean local energy,
or how to decorate your 'pad'

Astrologers and numerology to help you see your path more clearly.

Experts in nutrition, exercise, ancient decoding of the past.

Religious thoughts to help you connect with your inner knowledge.

what is i like on the other side of life - listen to the tour guides who have been there.

How to create a more fulfilling life; maybe for you it is more fun, exploration, or more
Knowledge more Truth more love.

This show brings you the best so you can have the best
- of everything you want.

Towards more light...

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