Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honorable Killing prt: 3rd...

So who is right? The Buddhist’s believe as the Jain’s in non violence, a yogi tradition for ones who seek enlightenment. The warriors have no limitation on killing, except to not harm then innocent like farmers, children, and women.

I see no problem is killing idiots who desire to only take life from others, and do immoral acts. I see no problem in killing one who wants to die, like Dr. Kevorkian. I see no trouble killing in defense - but where does this end? This takes great training as in a Shao lin priest.

The problem today is that folks believe that killing of the body is killing. I believe that I am immortal, I am the eternal spirit that moves from body to body much like I pick out a new car.
Therefore, who can kill me? It is a mistaken belief.

But one can kill my creations. My home, my cars, my gardens, my body and on & on.
I feel as the yogis and Buddhists, that not to kill is the way. I don't kill ants, anymore, or spiders, etc. but if I find a black widow near the house, I will kill it, just out of protection for the others that live there too.

President Lincoln was legally able to hold a duel, not any more - it would be considered murder. Abe handled it by a stroke of genius to challenger who he put off for a long time, wanting to duel. Pres finally agreed when the man gave him the option of time and place with choice of weapons: 'Ok I will duel in (this particular) lake with sledge hammers... Well the lake was 6 feet deep no problem for Mr. Lincoln, but the challenger was less than that.... end of duel Abe won with wits.

So this is not a cut an dry subject. Mahatma Gandhi practiced non violence, as did his student Dr King, who died at the hand of an assassin as did Gandhiji. The only conclusion I can come to is that one must decide for oneself, where question lies.

The Martial arts teachers- the best of all, know their skill so well that they don't have to kill, they can disable any attacker with any weapon. Native American Indians are said to be able to transform into animals to escape there enemies. Miracles do happen.

You have a temperament - follow your path. If like Gandhi or King it is peace - follow peace. If it is like Gen Schwarzkopf or The Green Hornet follow the path of war, in defense.

There are other paths too, you must find yours. Generally it must be up to society to decide this issue. As Clint’s latest movie about gangs, illustrates. Yea for Dirty Harry ! when we need him.

Yea for Gandhi when we want to live.

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