Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok the ship is out of the harbor...

Now what - did you get your plans made,
friends greeted?
Family reunited?

I guess the next question is are they trying to control you?
or are you controlling your own destiny?

Time to get going on your plan that you have laid out.

the President of the USA in on his, and as you can see he needs to make many corrections,
modifications, ask for help,
raising enough agreement to his bills and programs passed through congress.

What are you doing, to get your plan underway?
do you need help -raise an advisory board of supportive people as advisers.
do you need money? The same folks may be able to help too.

what ever you need ask and it will come your way.
Just as the President asks for support you can too.

You may need to develop his kind of focus and conviction of the right path for your venture.
If you are not committed to making it happen the universe won't put it's time and resources to you.

so today Celebrate You, your path, your plan, put some energy into into it.
spread the word.

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