Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honorable Killing prt: 1rst

Thou shall not kill,
was one of the original 10 commandments Moses brought off the holy mountain. Since his followers were still worshiping the Bull with drunken ways and lots of fun... He created the Mosaic laws - which are the basis of the laws followed today in the good 'ol USA. He at first added 100 laws.

One of these laws was the “can't work on Sabbath” rule. The other was the no adultery rule. Both of these as we can see in the bible were punishable by death, with out a trial. The culprits were stoned to death by a crowd.

This seems to violate the Thou Shall not kill rule to me. It is ok to be angry and have the whole community - or those present kill someone for plowing a field or cooking on 7th day...

Well, who am I to judge...

continued tomorrow

Would like help in this matter from your guardian angel?

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