Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shoot an arrow...

I Shot an arrow into the air
it came down, I know not where...

Does describe you?
Your cooking methods?
Your Filing method?
Your driving habits?
Your speaking words of LOVE?

Are you speaking your language but not care if you are speaking theirs?
The Language of love is a many splendid thing.
This is an art from
Just as cooking or flower arraigning can be art forms or not so can speech and communication.

Communication takes place when both sides understand the message.
This becomes an art form when when it is appreciated - but maybe not by the one communicated to - for instance a communication to the Germans in WWII when the Allies entered Berlin - Hitler didn't appreciate it as he committed suicide. But he got the message, the same one he gave to many countries as he expanded his territory. - But this is the language of War, not of love.

Whether you are communicating love or war, for effectiveness sake,
know where your arrows are shot.
May your quiver always be full.
May your arrows always reach their target.

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