Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Real Dvince code...

The story has been too hot to print, and write into a movie...
I believe it is because the latent memories of truth lie just below the surface in most of us, - even from past lives. There seems to be evidence claimed by some that Hitler was gay. But Ava Braun and many other women may have been responsible for bringing down the 3rd Reich.

The story unfolds from a 'now' person's own recollections of her past lives. Some will say that it is just an over active imagination, others may say it is automatic writing, or channeling. Everyone has their own acceptable belief systems. That said how much did Tom Hanks make for the movie? or what was the box office gross the first month?

Well this book and the interview are almost too much truth... The power of women as we have seen in the last election is not yet acceptable enough... What do you think?

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