Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Moving out of Aquarius the sign of winter, into Pisces the sign of two fish, one diving into the depths the other moving into the light; today.

Now the ice melts, the ground melts, and under the earth many things are taking place. Bulbs begin to sprout and like a miracle plants shoot up under the snow into the brightness of day ~ a lot takes place unseen. This is called faith.

We need to have the belief - or the knowledge - then understanding  of all that goes on unseen that the flowers will come up.

If you need to like a Aquarian, you can  investigate all of this with experiments of all sorts, or based on the  experience of many before you ,and your own observations- have the faith they will come up - if you plant them the fall before.  the beautiful bulbs.

We need to now that all is in order - even in chaos, for this is a necessary step to escape from the tyranny of ignorance. when one wakes up to an issue like the gov has to these stupendous financial disasters  world wide, the first wake up call is to see the mess - boy is it a mess. Then Chaos sets in until we get the details and slowly begin do what needs to be done.  This comes from hiding oneself from the facts. they just didn't want to know, like an Ostrich with its head in the sand. 

Patience is needed to let things grown as they need to. Knowledge of the way things work, can give us great patience. Love yourself, love your body, love your cells, have patience with others, give them hope, & encouragement.

forgive those and yourself. get help if you need it. Someone with grand insight into the intuitive world may be of great help.

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