Friday, February 13, 2009

A Gift of time...

Sometimes the best gift is to just be there.

maybe you can do something while you are there;

but there is no need.

Sometimes just to think of someone, if they are consciously telepathic, they will feel your thoughts. Have you ever known who was on the phone before you read the caller ID? Telepathy.

Gifts are funny some do not recognize one when they receive one - because it is not given in the way they wanted it.

We have this problem on this planet - both lovers may speak the same language but not the language of love. We have to learn what this for ourselves and for our lovers, if we want to give to them in the way they understand.

The gift of time may be what the demand or expect but not want, as a message of love. You are my husband you have to fix the toilet, paint the house, take out the garbage etc.

"Why don't you tell me you love me?" after the house is painted, the garbage out, and the toilet is fixed. And you brought flowers. That may not have done it either.

So you fixed her computer - nope...not yet. mowed the lawn? Nope.
got her a card? not yet. A diamond bracelet? not yet...

exhausted yet?
What she wanted was you go an spend happy time with her mom.
how were you to know? Maybe she didn't either.

Have fun exploring ways to give.

I still feel the gift of time is the best!
(for me :-) )

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