Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, the Flow...

"Trust the force Luke..."
How many ways have we heard it:
be in the flow,
go with the flow,
Trust in the Lord,
said a 1000 ways in all languages but do we get it?

Yes, on those days that all is going your way...
what about the days that it is not?
easy, be an observer.

The greatest yogis have passed on the suggestion to:
 "be in the world but of it"
 "be as water on a lotus leaf"
 "be in it just don't get caught by all the illusions."

One way is to say in your head: 
"gee the sh.... it really hitting the fan."
"The boss must be really mad at me"
"My wife doesn't seem happy with me for forgetting to pick up the kids"
you get the idea.
"the stock market just wiped out my life's saving"...
maybe could be -"I wasn't paying attention to the market and the little voices inside telling me to get out"
"What lesson can I learn from this"

To be in the flow, one needs talent and practice and good vehicle.
i.e.: Luke Skywaker trained as a Jedi with one of the best masters in his field, and he had a light saber, yes a real one... Then he could trust the force.
The rafters of the mighty Colorado River have to pass competency requirements and have certified river guide, and have a certified registered raft... to go with the flow...

Yoga students had to live with their teachers and carry water and chop wood for many years to learn "how to be in the world. but not of it".

To sum up:
to go with the flow:
we need: a competent experienced teacher;
efficient practice time to develop skill;
proper technology or a good appropriate vehicle.

a little more:
appropriate, proper, vehicle: you need your Jedi light saber, or as Tommy Smothers sang:
"If you get an outfit you can be a cowboy too!"
to go with the flow driving and drive intuitively - one or you, need a healthy vehicle, one that is mechanically sound, good breaks, responsive, sufficient fuel of the right kind, training to drive, practice driving, and then learning to use your intuition, and listen it in time to act quickly enough to take advantage of "flow"

Go with the flow;
be in the zone;
"if you are in the zone" as basketball player - how many baskets have you shot? How many did you make? Miss?
"if as a concert pianist in the 'zone' how many hours, weeks, months and years have you practiced?
Ravi Shankar, practices with his daughter for 8 hours or so a day. the sitar Master says in book 'My life My Music':
I feel it takes 3 lifetime to master the sitar..."
so now he can go with the flow...
may you study, be an observer, and practice
and gain some mastery so you too, can 'go with the flow'

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