Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 7 - Visit more friends days 2

Celebrate the Chinese New Year day 7
maybe today with the Super Bowl with friends
create good memories and renew the joys of friendship.

Share with them your new ideas you have cultivated since you last met.
may be one interview you were inspired by the most.

Today is a good day to share who are, what you are looking for maybe how your friends can help. But they don't like to be sold, just asked for support, or ideas.

Maybe you have some good ideas on how to help create domestic energy self - sufficiency.  Such as the T Boone Pickens plan, or one on working with the dolphins or using iodine to cure the tropic visitors of Malaria and HIV... or wow... you got the inspiration right? Maybe you just want to travel to exotic places with a shaman, to do earth healing ceremonies;  Or meet some galactic travelers with predictions for 2009?

Take your inspiration:
Use it, mold it, create it, develop it with friends that are supportive.

But people who grab you, bind you, put you down, get up and run away - you don't need these types in your life.  Declare your Freedom and give in ways that are mutually beneficial to you and your long term goals and targets.

Fire? I hope so...

Cheers only for you
no Jeers - you are after all what you have created.
create some new things
life is movement - creation.

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