Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deep Wells = freshest waters

Taking the time needed to dig a deep well
is worth the effort for years to come.

Ground water is more polluted today and the water table is dropping.
It takes more effort to go back in and re-dig a well...
Much better to dig it very deep from the start..

Persistency & Consistency are needed.

One has to dig long enough and in the correct manner to find sweet water.
If one digs a little here, then a little there, and a little more over there...
you will guarantee nada = no drinkable water.

So, when you study something like in High School or College - you are only digging a little here and a little there. This only familiarity not mastery and = no sweet water. You would need grad school to really get into a subject. It takes many years of specialty schooling to be a doctor or a lawyer. Then you will have to also do an internship for a couple of years more.

Business is like this too: People flock to McDonald's because they offer the exact same sandwich or burger at every location and at the same time of day= Consistency, and same time and place.
If you went to a restaurant and it was delicious one day and horrible with too much salt the next, then over cooked the next day and so on - how many time would you go back?

If you went to the store and they keep moving the aisles around so the milk was on the left side of the store one day then in back the next, the right side the next - how many times would go there?

If you are a cook at home and have 4 kids, and every day another one rearranges the kitchen in different way - pots here one day, cereal here next - how long would you put up with this?

Every where Consistency makes our lives easier and simpler, and more desirable.
It takes persistency to create anything of value.

Yes it can be done faster in many ways with different technologies or newer ones:
A computer can have a million spread sheet entries or more for accounting now, a human cannot do this. Japanese revolutionized ship building putting millions out of work in English ship yards by introducing robots to do repetitive welds, and standardised sections of steal. These robots created more consistent results than the humans could.
The result? Better built ships in less time and at lower cost.

Which ones would you buy?

It takes Persistence to master anything.
And then Consistency to make it lasting.

then steps are
1-hear about a subject = football...
2-Read about it, watch a video about it
3-Play touch football as a kid
4-Play with pads in high school, begin to use light weights
5-Play in college and work out heavier
6- get into Pro ball and work your buns off

This is very different from an ignorant HS kid that thinks he knows all about the game because he studied it in phys-ed.

We do our students a great injustice today in public schools - we give them a degree and lead them to believe that they know the English language or math, or science. And led to believe that they are ready for life... NOT!

We need some new blend of the old way of apprenticeship as with the great masters like Leonardo, and Steve Jobs - these guys didn't work 9-5. They attained mastery and made their students masters as well.

What ever you do brick laying or creating the next My Space site.

so what ever you do--
Consistency are the tools of the Masters.

Use them well (pardon the pun)

PS I read the Sun Rise on Colin's site 'Tiger Swami'

It inspired me to write this today - hope you enjoyed...

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