Friday, November 28, 2008

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate...

Sang Swami Shivananda,

"Bear insult, bear injury,...

highest yoga....

This where, when squeezed, we find out what is inside of us...
Is it orange juice or anger?

Taming our responses or rather reactions is easy if we live in a cave meditating.
We have to get out into the life of the unaware to see if we really are or not.

If we are called an ass by someone ~ inquire who am I? have I grown ears?
Have I behaved as one? If so maybe I need to be able to respond:

Think before I speak and consider my words and their effect on others.

It is said today that words create what we are - I don't think so ~ in all cases...
could there be more behind this?

Look at actors, and orators, and politicians. We hear a lot of promises and see some thing else created.

But take actors, when they are screaming foul things on stage or Shakespeare and "out out deep spot" do they create what they are saying and living on stage?

I don't see that.

I feel that we need to be careful of our words we speak not to do harm to others nor to create outcomes we don't want. ie: a child has a gun we say smilingly, gently: "please put the gun down"
or do we react and say "You stupid shi...p, dumn ass, creep, put that thing down" which is more effective?

One can always talk about things later calmly when the danger is over.

Creating our existence with words requires believing the words, I feel. Putting emotions of certainty along with the phrase.

Try this: I love receiving money..

People just love giving me money.

People send me mail sacks full of money M-Sat !

How does that make you feel?

I just light up.

so when others spit at you, if you can relax, you have this basis down pat...

If you find yourself reacting inside...

Try inquiry: "Who am I?" and could be going on in their lives?
could they must be in pain? Are the really crying for help?
Blaming others for what they cant' stand in themselves?

Do the have a kept they don't want to tell you about? so they are critical?

If a karate warrior hits towards you... a judo master can redirect their energy thrust in a new direction, throwing them on the ground.. (with only a small finger)

See the Zorro movie where Anthony Hopkins uses his walking stick to defeat Antonio Banderas when second time meet.

Keep beaming ! Sticks and stones...


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