Thursday, January 22, 2009

While standing in the corner...

In watching one my Perry Mason vintage favorites from the 50's; I learn quickly that human nature is the same over time.

the best of the New Age is simple do what worked in the past.

History is prologue.

A simple test was made several years back by sending a survey to many world leading folks from many walks of life.
This survey asked what qualities would one look for in another for a friend, employee, life and business partner.

Take a guess _
Which one came out on top?

OK, Honesty did.

But what is honesty?

Look it up the dictionary... worth your time to do so...but will you?

then add this to the definition.

the ability to duplicate exactly
(What is seen, heard, read etc)

Would you keep a copy machine around that won't make an
exact copy or altered the text?

Think about this.

Cheery day..

The first beam in higher awareness, is honesty especially with one's self.
It takes guts, presence - being here now to see what you are actually doing.
What game are you playing? Is it really how can I help this person?
Or does it look like that on the outside and really is the game of how can I get this persons money?
time? Sex? Appreciation? Love? Attention?

Like I said it takes radical self honesty...
Self introspection.

Reflect on this for a few days...

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