Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Tide Turns....

Holding pattern near the end of a turn
the instance when forward motion seems to stop...

Mercury is slowing -it seems so from our view point on the 3rd planet.
Our blue ball turning so well,
but Mercury the bringer or carrier of communications is slowing
and will stop on Sunday the 11
then make a turn
for 3 weeks
better not to do make a contract now...
or read it 10 times
have 3 different lawyers check it out.
because it is easy to make a mistake
to not understand each other easily...
during this time. And
someone will change their mind about something....

It is a great time to clean out, reorganize, to stream line
like clean out your closets,
reorganize them.
clean up your files
or redo them...

Good time to go on a trip as you will return.

sometime you may have delays in all kinds of communications.

Full moon is coming to on the 10th
so energies may get a little more hot this week as folks try to get things
done faster but it will take longer, so tempers may heat up..

If we expect a few delays maybe we can just take a good book with us...
and catch up on some great ideas...

Hugs & Happy days.

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