Friday, January 9, 2009

Moon ~Mercury...

Timing is the domain of the moon in Astrology...
When it is in a cardinal (initiating sign) like Cancer (today - Sunday)
Time moves faster, events happen quicker
slower in a fixed sign like Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
slowest in Mutable sign like we are in this morning - Gemini

When the Moon Is coupled with Mercury going retrograde on Sunday...
The speed has the breaks on too...

so the engine makes a lot of noise... but not much forward progress...
so I see this weekend is great to clean up after the holidays, organize a bit,
have fun with some friends, maybe even take a short trip...

sorry for Obama taking office on retrograde Mercury - I guess when gets in he'll need to make a lot of adjustments from what ever he will say he will do on inauguration day.

i.e. if he isn't briefed on the alien population at area 51 until after he is sworn in
You can bet he'll come up with some modifications to his plan by the end of February..
--- :-)  this is a funny -- what ever secrets the Pres has to bet briefed on I am sure they won't come until
after he is sworn in...

modifications to plans make are commonsense,

for your plans
make your plans
stay adaptable and adjust your plans
keep the TARGET and stay on new info comes up..


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