Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jupiter is the planet that magnifies, expands, bringer of more, Santa Clause, hope. Jupiter is in Aquarius this first year of USA Obama. Obama seems to have Aquarius rising at his time of birth.

So what???

Well, a great article on this by Julie is here It will give you an in depth look into this. Julie also has an interview on Colin's Radio show with Merrily Hosting.

This year then should be the continuance of why the USA elected Obama in the first place. That is to change from the established rule of the rich man's wishes to the desires of the Masses ( Aquarius). To poor out more wealth, power, control ( his emails will be shown to the public) to let all see what is going on. Will there be hidden things - sure there will - we can't let national security be compromised - however - but like a fish bowel - though we all can see the fish - we can't touch them.

Presidential Transparency doesn't mean vulnerability. Even the Pope could be seen standing in his limo - but he was fully bullet proof in his 'glass' cadge.

Fairness for all with out distinction of class is the Aquarian view - so the American people have simply wanted this enmass and seem to have gotten it with this new President.

Washington, was the first Aquarian President, then Lincoln, and Roosevelt. Washington Birthday was not the 20 th ( now Pieces) in the calendar in use at the time- when we transferred to our new calendar we keep the old day of birth.

Powerful presidents for powerful times of change. This is such a time, with the collapse of the Banking system around the world by greedy bankers passing out billions in bonuses while the American people have to pay for it, in the national debt. - This is not Aquarius and will come out even more.

Jupiter expends so it will expand the reporting of the corruption against the masses as well - Banks are profit making entities, they are not non profits set up to benefit their investors - quite the opposite in fact. So now - I hope you will begin to see that - you - need to take notice of the junk and you - personally have to take responsibility for your things.

If the government is going to more responsible that means that you will have to be more responsible to make it run. If the power is handed back to the people - the people have to take it and make it work themselves.

Self reliance is an Aquarian trait too.
Opposites attract - Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius - Leo is a natural ruler, it likes to be in the spot light - Obama is a Leo and has an Aquarian outlook as his rising sign is Aquarius -- well
this could be great

Are we actually in for the rescue of the Titanic? Remember that hype and BS built the great ship- too many corners were cut- advertising was Titanic but the ship wasn't - The USA has become the Titanic -built by rhetoric and personal pocket lining. it is sinking now along with the most to the rest of the World built on the 'rich is for me' attitude - 'you are my slave'...
now with Aquarius the masses want the 'do this for us' attitude. If it really shifts to 'lets do this together' that Obama seems to working towards...

We will let the Titanic sink, it greedy die in their own shame, and we all will build a new ship ...

Big ideas - for new world for all - Jupiter (big) in a Aquarius (masses)...

the only problem here is the little faction groups have to give up being factions and wanting it their way- or be willing to let McDonalds handle that aspect.

'Unity in diversity' the motto of Swami Shivananda, and the Santa Fe Women’s Club , must become the gathering flag of the day...willingly


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