Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Yoga of Action

Karma Yoga is a misunderstood situation.
Many think it is slavery - by having to act as a debt determined by your past bad actions.
well sort of. Karma is a term that means 'action'

What you do is Karma. All action have 2 parts the action done and the action that reacts.
Most of us will do what is automatically programmed into us by own past actions.

In other words if you practice 'ballet' for 10 years you may not want to venture into new paths.
or if you are a Trombone player - and like it... you many never pick up the piano...

For one thing it takes more effort to learn and new instrument. So most just stay with one.
the same with our habits.
It takes much more energy to locate an unwanted habit or just one you want to change.
then punish yourself lightly when you do it.
then reward yourself when you do the correct action etc.

Just like training a dog ~ everyone knows it can be done, books are available, videos and personal trainers too...
But how many people want to take the time to train the dog....
they prefer to just live with the dogs bad behavior; and their own.

If you believe in reincarnation - then your habits you develop over and over again -
just keep persisting. If you were a snake you may keep trying to attack and bite people :-)
Most of do this ~ just so we can keep being 'right' (bad joke)

anyway, karma yoga is the science of changing all of this.
It is inaction in action ~ more zen stuff right?
sort of...

In other words if you are business owner and you are immersed the day to little stuff of the daily activities you lose oversight. You lose site of big picture. "When you're up to your as... in alligators it hard to remember you came to drain the swamp" - old Cajun say'in.

Paramahamsa Yogananda changed his Karma as predicted by a Vedic Astrologer - that he would have 4 wives and ... well he dicided not for him and changed it, he was a celbate Monk.

Karma yoga mean you develop the ability to stay unattached and focused on the broad or small or middle but it all by keeping you inside - in inaction or nonaction - you watch yourself act. Like drinking water, you just do it.
But from this vantage point you can monitor all of the actions to see if the outcomes are the ones you want.

You are truly here now.. Present. ( a lot more than just showing up - most bodies do this for work -but 'they' still; home sleeping)

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