Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mercury Retrograde -- 21 Strategies for Success

"To everything there is a season..." A Holistic Lesson:

Mercury goes retrograde --backward as perceived from earth-- 3 times in 2009. Mars does this every 2 years - We get Mars going at the end of December,2009. Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks; then take a couple more weeks to retrace it steps back to the point in the heavens where he got lazy, stopped, turned and walked backward. When back to his turning point, everyone will be ready to go ahead again...

Big deal right?  Well maybe for you yes, maybe not...
Depends on what you are capable of noticing:
'It is the quality of your distinctions that make the quality of your life...' paraphrasing Tony Robbins.

The more we are capable of perceiving, the richer our lives become.
How about refined taste in wines? I don't drink more than a sip, but I  can smell. Some do really taste very nice to me (in a sip)- but most stink - some are like nectar...well there is no accounting for taste right?

This reminds of a cartoon where a few ducks walking along a sidewalk  hear one who is looking up at a large 'V'  of ducks in flight, remark: " I wonder how they thought of that?"

Well you may perceive these 7 items about mercury retrograde:
  1. things seem delayed...(flights, mail, document handling, internet, computers)
  2. details are missed...(It is right there in the large print ! well... I didn't read it - I assumed... I didn't have time)
  3. meanings are easier to be misconstrued...(You said I looked, I said fat chance...)
  4. connections missed :  call people more times to get to them, reach them, meet with them, reschedule meetings...
  5. folks will change their minds... Agree to something on Mercury retrograde and after it goes direct the parties will change some details or more...
  6. folks naturally clean up their pig messes...(at work the boss sent down a memo to clean up after ourselfs)
  7. folks reorganize - great time for closets, filing systems, web sites, great time to re-plan  and re-think your strategies, methods and techniques.
Extra Focus is required during this time. 7 ways to Focus:
  • Keep your outcome in view. -- Stay on Target.
  • Be vigilant as when you are veering off course.
  • Make your course corrections.
  • Be more tolerant of others.
  • Gently help them to come back to focus.
  • Make room for changing of schedules ( keep your racket, clubs, or mit in your trunk-- or at least a good book)
  • Plan for changed minds -- if signing a contract build in a contingency plan, make double sure all parties read it several times with focus and their attorneys.  Delay the signing or have a 30, 60, 90 day cancellation period, trial period etc. etc. etc. put into the contract. 
7 ways you can succeed over mercury retrograde and have a better time during the ride through through this period if you:
  • have a map showing the road ahead;  (forewarned is forearmed)
  • plan for contingencies
  • employ more patience
  • adapt
  • adjust
  • accommodate
  • bear insult and injuries -(another name for misunderstandings)
I  just laugh, as I hear all the exasperated comments from my friends during these retracing cycles. For me, this is the 88th time of consciously observing the effects of Mercury retrograde.
Smile :-)
Enjoy ....

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