Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's Astro charts for Inauguration...

I was reading a nice inciteful article on the 2 Inauguration charts of the US President Obama, over at the Holistic Radio Show articles page... They do have some interesting interviews and articles.

Any way I didn't know much about the mundane astrology - or horary astrology that Julie - the author- uses to read the astrology charts.

Many folks see this new President as an indication of a total rebirth of America - I do hope so.
I feel to that the lobby, money making decisions of the US congress have been for personal benefit.
Decisions of mortgages, financial, FDA and health, you name it -- I would like to see more decisions based on benefiting the citizens of the USA and then the world. Like aides and cancer cures have been around for many years - but not available nor publicized in the USA. I find their commercials on charging rent for diseases such diabetes - disgusting, when ads telling of the dietary solutions could be aired.

Capitalism is great thing - but greed is not. I feel the Gov has to live up to the Fiduciary responsibility - if you don't know what that is - just back to sleep; but many have woken up this time to elect Obama - I hope you will take the time to find out what working on behalf of another means.

We have been spoiled by letting the world think that they didn't know this World Bank colapse was comming. Well this guy did. He gives some good advise on how to float and not sink over the next few years.

Have a great day - the New moon eclipse in on its way - Monday...

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