Sunday, March 1, 2009

up front ness...

why are you here in my face?
This question is foremost on anyones face that doesn't know you.
If you are selling something- everyone is where a new car, used car, bubble gum, hope,or help ,or even free assistance - the person has to accept it and that takes selling.

Babies do it by force - they wake you up in the middle of night, and keep at you until you give them what they need.

So the first thing you learn is to bitch load enough, long enough and you'll get it. Jewish grand mother jokes - I'll sit in the dark - until someone comes to change my bulb.

'Giving people is harder these days because so many do it, with little strings attached. Like a free ebook or CD that then gives you the sales pitch in the sales funnel.

Why not just be upfront? We can do that !

I want you to go look at the Holistic Radio - daily - read the articles on Vitamin D - are you taking enough? do know what the vitamin D councel recomends? do you take the cheep accurate tests? No gimic your body needs the stuff -
do you know why?
Cancer cure or preventitive.
Stop the flu from climbing in you.
Stop Osteoperosis long before it will get you.
Keep your joints in better condition to.
Helps with MS as well as hundreds of other problems...

Is it a 'cure?' Hell no, jeez see how we are programed by the system to make you sick and keep you sick by charging you for 'treatments' wich will require you keep comimg back for more?
NO it is a requirement ...
Necessary to health - it is free as well as air !
do you take 10 deep breaths in fresh air daily?
do you take 30 minutes of Sun daily?
why not?

The 'cure' is to get our heads examined & deprogramend, from sickness programming of our society. The american diet is poisening us. The commercials and cooking ingreedients even on the TV cooking shows are poisening us - -White things sugar, flour.

Get the necesities.
liten good people who want you healthy and not in their clinic...
listen to the become self reliant for the sake of Christ, Buddha, and Mohamed.
They want you to be free as well.
If you eat white you are a slave to your toung.

Is this up front enough?


Healing Naturaly said...

Thank you.

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I just love your creative cat pic...