Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Food for Consciousness...

Everyone is talking about diets to loose weight.
Diets for a healthy heart; the diet for diabetics (yes it works get off your insulin- it's possible)
Diets to build a stronger muscles - even a longer... well for some it's very important...

What about a diet to raise consciousness?
The yogi diet is bland food, no chillies, no garlic or onions either, as these stimulate the brain.
Think of an aphrodisiac - a food that stimulates desire for sex, well the others do the same.

Yoga divides food into 3 categories -
 Pure food - easily digested, nutritious, life giving. for those who want to tap the higher consciousness.
 Activating food - food that stimulates, it may be used by normal worldly people.
 Lethargy producing foods - those that may taste good, but depress the spirits, slow the mind, senses and body.

Pure foods are whole foods, not processed foods or simply not 'white foods' like flour, sugar, salt etc.
Many vegetables are fine too save the ones above that come under the next category. Fresh fruits are fine but best if local and just picked. Raw foods, juices, are wonderful.

Activation foods or Stimulating foods: garlic, onions, horse radish, chillies, hing, caffeine, ginger is actually a pure food in moderation for some temperament types.  These foods are very good for healing as they will stimulate the blood flow to all areas of your vast body; but are not good for meditation. But they are good for health.  Healthy meats may be in this category.

Lethargy foods: alcohol, beer, meats in excess are in this category, polluted or rotten or overripe foods of any kinds are in this category and should not be eaten. Most drugs are in this category, as they cause more problems than they cure.

What we need is food that is simple, nutritious, easy to assimilate, with little digestion needed. Dr Schulz's Super Food is one such food.  This contains highest quality protein, 100% natural vitamin C and organic or wild crafted fruits and vegetables.

I have been using this for over 8 years now.   I can feel the lights come on in the morning, just after 15 minutes from drinking it. This is what our bodies need to function at high levels of awareness and activity. You can find out more with his videos and site:  see herb doc on Colin's First Aid Kit here.

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