Saturday, March 7, 2009


Only on planet earth is timing important - that may not be quite correct as our astronauts and space vehicles seem to need accurate timing to hit their mission targets.
In the spirit world there's  a different timing.

I like the circadian rhythm of the sun rise and set and sleeping at night.
Except there is at least one bird in my condo complex that doesn't understand that - and sings all night in the artificial ligths. I like ear plugs.

I like Hawaii and Arizona because they stick to the circadian rhythm. The tropics are about the same all year long only a few hours difference. The far northern climates like along the Canadian boarder, 4Pm to 10 PM swings are too much for me.

So....Get ready get up an hour earlier Tomorrow - Sunday morning if you are in the many states that change to Daylight savings.

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