Friday, March 6, 2009

Can your Words heal?

I came across a little article listening to an interview by an author of Romance Novels, 35 books in all.  Parris Afton Bonds, lives her Passion, and writes it. She raised 5 boys, lived in Mexico, New Mexico,Florida, now Texas. As co-founder of both Southwest Writers Workshop and Romance Writers of America, she instigated and sponsors the SWWW Young Writers contest. Parris donates part of her time, working with both grade-school children and female inmates to help them express their creativity.

She writes to her inner knowing of perfection, knowing only when she has arrived there with a character. She says she may have to rewrite several times before she's satisfied the truth of the character is there in writing.

But this short article Parris wrote really dug deeply into my heart as I realized the power of our written words. read it here.

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Colin Ryane said...

There's no more magnificent event than spontaneous healing.
I really celebrate with Parris her
work with prison inmates, and in helping them remove the 'bars' they carry inside them. A bird in cage is pretty ~ a bird in Flight is magnificent ~ what they are born for....