Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Square foundation

Putting up the foundation or laying the foundation is the fist step in any project creation.
It may be a circle, rectangle, a octagon, or other shape, but it must first be a square.

this way it may be aligned properly to the heavens and the earth.
Now that is drawn, the actually foundation may be laid, and built upon in any shape you wish.

You're in great shape said a friend to another ! ... if round is a shape!

Health has a foundation as well. Our skeletal system, our cellular system on all levels must have a foundation to be healthy. They even respond to conscious direction.

This is inner foundation means all the nutrients necessary for a healthy cell, all 12 Cell Salts, in correct proportions - some burn faster than others; correct elimination of waist products; digestive enzymes to properly convert the food we eat. Teeth need to be healthy and your diet will help them or hinder them...

Once you have a healthy foundation -4 small square meals, or balanced digestible and eliminate-able food daily; you will have your health. Meditation and exercise are part of the foundation as well. Ok you got it?

Great now you can go out an create what you want...

Cheery day... go get 'em...

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