Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The perfect Match...

When you are looking for the perfect Match, where do you look?
Well I found my life partner sitting right next to me at a concert.
We didn't know each other before. There she was.

Telepathy is the way it all works. We have a vision of what we want, we put that out into the universe and the meeting happens, sometimes so quickly we aren't ready for it. sometimes slow our patience runs out.

One thing is for certain we have to give first.
In order to give we have to have - we have to have what we are looking for in mind, or in heart.
We are creators, modern art doesn't make it for me but it may for you.

We have a new Social Networking Site for higher conscious matchs to bring Spiritual folks together for business, learning, spreading the light. It is free for little while because of the peace project.

Happy receiving - what you have sown.

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