Saturday, March 14, 2009

Regeneration and healing...

This is a subject that has been studied for many centuries, has many methods, and uses.
The video yesterday is truly amazing progress for mainstream western medicine, and is really is what they are good at: accidental injury healing, and re -education afterwords.

While I really hate the idea of a health care center - because it is really a disease care center, where they maintain your disease and make more money off you.

Dr Tennant has a free lecture several times year, worth traveling to view, in which he not only shows the miracle of pain healing with electronic medicine, but gives a overview of regeneration.

I would definitely go see it. did you know a frogs leg can live almost indefinatley under the right circumstances? These experiments have been going on for many years. It needs the right voltage, ph, and simple nutrients. Your body can do the same as well.

Check into Dr Tennant and electronic medicine.

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