Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking Deeper

Under the surface there is nectar, but you have to climb in to find it.

Many have a fear of something such as a Bee, but under the surface of the Bee is the Honey, and a whole life of Love loving bees.

Do visit my friends blog on the Bees and Love today.

If we face our fears head on, and with appropriate caution, maybe with the help of teacher, we can discover a whole new world - unseen because either fear, ignorance to even look, or some other form of non presence keeps us in the dark.

yes if we bring our presence into a situation we begin to find Chaos, pain, resentment, fear and mmmoorrree... but if we keep our focus on things we will discover order, then trusting what we we know we bring in understanding and so on up to mastery of knowing the whole situation.

This way if we walk slowly in the areas we are week in we may discover much more LOVE. Just queen Latifa - did you see it? The Secrete Life of Bees?

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Fine day to you...

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