Sunday, March 15, 2009

Austraila ~ Gone with the Wind...

This new movie is fantastic, Australia is Gone with the Wind with a down under accent.
Some of the best stories are of greed with profound circumstances forcing the best of someone to the surface.

The Drover had to change his life of freedom ( he thought), learn to love, but it took a black aborigine to tell him this,for he knew they wouldn't lie.

This is story of the factual history of the 1/2 whites in Australia, who until 1973 were removed from society for the white fathers couldn't face their own son's nor take responsibility for them.

This is story of transformation, magic, honesty, a women's refusal to buckle to nice society, but, instead to hold to the truth.

Of course the culture clash between the cattle barons, and the native peoples, are a big factor in this movie. We think because we did it to the Indians and swept it under the carpet years ago, we can ignore it.
We did in Cambodia in the '60's of the Killing Fields, we do in Darfore today, and in of course in Afghanistan.

People have been oppressing and slaughtering people since Cain and Able, the Jews and the Arabs are just one little symptom.

I suggest daily meditation on bringing in Peace. The Peace Project may be a new way that really works.

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