Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walking on Water...

Buddha, reporters say, came to a calm river bank.

His path was on the other side of this river.
As he pulled out the required coin from his small purse,
and paying the ferry man,

A strange man ran up and said hey you powerful being, why pay?
I can Walk on the water - 'I'll show you who is more advanced'.
and ran over to the other side on the water, to wait and gloat over his victory over Buddha....

Slowly the ferry reached the other side, Buddha thanked the ferry man for his time, and stepped back on to the shore.

This mouthy stranger, showing off his powers and looking for acknowledgement of his superior spiritual powers, confronted Buddha - "see how fast I got here?"

Buddha acknowledged his rapidity, and said: "it takes great energy to water on the water. I got here for only a nickle.... "


is needed in the beginning, the middle and the end of our spiritual journies.

Conservation: = green planet..

Happiest of Days...

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