Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Take the short cut...

The short cut is the quickest way most effective way...
yes always true...

If one considers all the factors, this is true.

If your outcome is to get say money the fastest way possible
you may decide to rob a bank, or hack a bank...
but have you considered what would happen if you were caught?

How to enjoy money from inside the iron bars? oh, well
drawing board...

sometimes taking the time to become a doctor - do the internship - start the practice -
master the practice - expand the practice - franchise the practice...
may be the quickest way to your goals --

So to take the short cut - take the time required to do some planing
Know your outcome -
Make the plan-
keep these in View = KIV

and do the daily steps and you will get there..

get some help and advise from professionals along the way
or study with a mentor.

Do self improvement. 

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